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Cavity Paint V2 2500ML

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Brand:  Buzzweld
Chemical Type:  Single Pack
Finish:  Satin
Primer Required:  NO
Glass Flake:  NO
Product Type:  Primer
Cure Time:  Medium
UV Resistant:  YES
Volume:  2500ML
Vapour Corrosion Inhibition:  NO
Corrosion Modification:  YES
Corrosion stabilisaton:  YES
Application Method:  Spray
Life expectancy:  >10 YEARS



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Heavy Duty Underbody Spray Gun PCLHeavy Duty Underbody Spray Gun PCL
Buzzweld Zero Prep CLEAR coat cavity wax internal / externalBuzzweld Zero Prep CLEAR coat cavity wax internal / external


Using Cavity Paint with a One of our cavity Wax treatments (W.A.R. or Zero Prep) gives a stacking approach to allow you the "ideal" cavity wax. Its a belt and braces appraoch, and when used together upgrades the coverage of both products.

What you have is 2500ML of a cavity treatment treating a large chassis and a bulkead. Stacking Cavity paint (applied first) with a wax, you can now protect your doors, and any additional cavities as well.

Buzzweld Cavity Paint is a corrosion stabilising, and modifying solution that you inject in to your cavity.


The low viscosity solution forms a protective layer over the existing corrosion, and creep in to the hard to reach areas through absorption from corrosion, and through capillary action. 

Applied using the Buzzweld applicator gun, we recommend two doses with a few days in between for best longevity.


Buzzweld Cavity Paint can also be top coated after 7 days with either Zero Prep Cavity wax, or W.A.R. Wheel Arch Refinement. This belt and braces approach adds both build and VCI (Vapour Corrosion inhibition) to the solution, offering unrivaled protection.


Cavity paint, Zero Prep, and W.A.R. are all touch dry solutions. Foreign debris will not become lodged within the coating causing perforation, or compromise the coating, and all are highly resistant to jetting, and washing out of the chassis. Something you can do to both remove road salts/ debris, and to inspect periodically should you choose.


Note. Due to the low viscosity of Cavity Paint we recommend you block up, or be prepared to block up the bottom drains holes in the cavity/ chassis being treated. Additionally you may want to use some sheeting. Buy design Cavity Paint is very thin (low viscosity) and this makes it superb at soaking in to and creeping where standard or even thinner warmed waxes cannot get to. The trade off for this is it can be a bit messy. Dose in small amounts, and more often, as opposed to large doses.

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