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FXLiner 400ML Aerosols

FXLiner 400ML Aerosols
Our Price:  £9.99(Inc. 20% VAT)(£8.33 Exc. VAT)Earn 9 Loyalty Points

Brand:  Buzzweld
Chemical Type:  BOTH!


FXliner is our latest development in aerosol technology.

Utilising high pressure, heavy load aerosols, with big nozzles these little tins put down ALOT of product, and give you a tough flexible coating that rivals traditional bedliners, but all from the convenience of a can.

Options for FXliner are ;-

Standard black.

This aerosol has a low texture, tough and resilient, whislt being economical with your bank balance.


Customise your aerosol with added texture. To help with masking poor finish, to giving a more rugged pronounced look, the texture adds profile to the coating, and gives a really appealing even texture without blotches.


Choose from a HUGE range of colours using our industry leading Quora Tint that gives you vivid tints you simply can't get from a standard paint.


Take any colour you want and bump it up. From a subtle fine metallic, to a coarse flake that will change the tone according to light. We can even add this to existing non metallic colours, however the tone and base colour will change so please be aware of this when ordering. i.e. don't attempt to colour match a metallic modified colour to a non metallic. It will be close, but not perfect.


We will build your aerosol using our Re enforced resin which gives you improved abrasion resistance and damage mitigation makiing the product harder and more durable.


This product will adhere to most prepared paint surfaces, ontop of Rust Encapsulator when protecting steel, and fluid etch when adhering to bare aluminium. It can also be used over Etch In One for panels.

 For maximum adhesion apply to dull keyed surface (scotchbrited)

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