How To Choose A Chassis Paint

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Chassis Paint -  How to choose Guide


When choosing a Rustproofing Paint to protect or refinish your Chassis its a big decision. Chassis paint is the analogy of "i need a car". There are so many factors to consider. The very last thing you decide is "what chassis paint" to purchase. Before that you need to consider this:-


  • How much will my chassis paint cost?

            Yes, we tend to go for "the minimum amount i NEED to spend", but be realistic. If you want special colours, you want it to last for "as long as possible", you want a texture, you want the advice to go with that its going to cost. Thats just the product cost. There is no point spending £200 on a superb undersealing protection kit like the 2K armour Chassis Protection kit if you do not meet the requirements of the kit, such as good preparation, a solid key, nothing too smooth, and that you are able to take your time applying it. Set aside some realistic expectations, if you only have £75 to spend on the entire underbody you want to split 30% of that budget into preparation materials BEFORE paint.

  • What preparation​ does Chassis Paint require?

            If your idea of preparation is a jet wash down and spray it on, or if you know what preparation is and know that your going to get half way through your project and start cutting corners then factor that in to your purchasing decision. You need to decide if you are going to have that chassis prepared back to bare metal, keyed, rust removed, degreased, contamination removed and ready for your coating exactly how it needs it, or if you really don't have the time and facilities to do a "proper job". If you cannot realistically do the prep for a coating, then DO NOT choose it. Choose something more preparation tolerant, or get the chassis protected for you by an application centre who will do the required preparation, and give you peace of mind without lifting a finger. IF none of those are option simply choose a product that is more preparation tolerant, and more likely to give you the desired protection and results like WAR Wheel arch refinement Underbody Protection.

  • How long do you want the rustproofing treatment to last?

           "As long as possible" is not an answer. set a target, 1 year, 3 years, 5, 20, 30, and base your choice around how long it CAN last. then do the proper preparation, and in most cases with most products both ours and others you will achieve the longevity you require. The longer a coating can last, the better the return on your investment of time and money. If you want it to for example last 10 > 20 years then go for a full chassis paint kit. You need to read up on what the coating or protection being offered is, and what kind of preparation is required.

  • What conditions is the underside of the vehicle going to be exposed to?

      Longevity on any chassis paint is affected by several contributing factors. how it was applied,  was it prepared properly,  and in what environment(s) will it be used in. Doing no prep, applying a product too thin because you didn't purchase enough, and then using it in the sea could see a coating designed to last decades protect for less than 30 minutes. ALL COATINGS ARE A COMPROMISE, and if you are not realistic about that, no matter the marketing, then you will in most cases become dissapointed. If you are using your vehicle in or around the sea an epoxy based product is usually a safe bet, however within the "epoxy" umbrella of coatings you have massive variation from low adhesion rebranded floor paint, to paint designed not to flex, etc etc. you again need to decide on what type of epoxy coating you would like to use

  • What Chassis Paint do i purchase?

      Now knowing what preparation you are able to achieve, your budget, how long you want it to last, and the conditions you are planning to use it in you are now able to select the best "compromise" coating for your individual needs.


Remember. Match your budget, to your needs, and your expectaions when selecting a coating, and you won't go far wrong.


From the Buzzweld range of chassis paints we have drawn you up a little guide to give you a better idea of what products we would recommend for you.

Product Description Good For Not Recommended for Longevity Costs est Direct to rust? Recommended Primer Recommended top coat
2K Amour 2 pack epoxy corrosion stabiliser Rough keyed chassis, Coastal environments Smooth chassis, high grade finish, low budget >30 years £150 YES NO WAR- sacrificial
W.A.R.  Single pack Hybrid underseal / WAX Easy of application, prep tolerance Steam cleaning, heavy corrosion >10 years £120 YES Can use any n/a
Buzzweld1 Hybrid Poly enamel top coat Automotive grade finish, tough customiseable top coat use without a primer, or poor preparation >20 years £50> NO RCP/ CIO/ RE/ 2K Armour XR After Effects if required
CIO Chassis In One Single pack high adhesion black fast cure, abrasive resistance, OEM finish poor preparation, waxoil/ dinitrol >10 Years £50 YES Can use RE/ RCP XR After Effects if required
Chassis Guard Budget orientated matt black low corrosion, low budget protection maximum longevity, rust, coastal environments >5 years £30 NO n/a WAR, XR After Effects If Required
Rust Control Primer modified single Pack Alkyd Heavier corrosion, longevity, prep tolerance fast cure, application in very low temperatures. >20 years £45 YES N/a WAR, BW1,gloss chassis paint, CIO
Rust Encapsulator Single Pack Fast cure stabiliser red fast cure, compatibility,  application to heavier corrosion >15 years £50 YES n/a CIO, BW1, WAR, 
Raptor 2K Poly, thick textured bedliner high flex, bedliner, roll cages high grade finsh, use without a primer >20 years £70> NO RCP/ CIO/ RE/ 2K Armour XR After Effects if required
Chassis Classic Gloss single pack glass flake mid gloss oem oem series chassis look, cleandown, ease of application, Jack of all trades top coat. Master of none.  >10 years £50 NO RCP or existing painted n/a
Gloss black extreme Single Pack high gloss Oem high gloss finish, cleandown, ease of application Jack of all trades top coat. Master of none.  >15 years £75 NO RCP or existing painted n/a

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