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CCI Electronic Protection

CCI Electronic Protection
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Chemical Type:  Single Pack
Product Type:  All In One
Vapour Corrosion Inhibition:  YES
Corrosion Modification:  NO
Corrosion stabilisaton:  YES
Application Method:  Self adhesive module
Life expectancy:  2 Years



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Protect your Ecu, dashboard binnacle, raptor dash, guages, CB, stereo and any sensitive electronic equipment from corrosion with a BUZZWELD isolation kit.

A self adhesive tape pre impregnated with vapour phase corrosion inhibition.

The tape will constantly release and protect sensitive electronics from the environment and corrosion for up to two years.

Designed for enclosed spaces, and having been used on mirage fighter jets, this product is tried and tested.

The vapour releases a mono-molecular coating that does not interfere with resistances of components, rubbers, seals, or paint finishes.

Will also assist in preventing corrosion and degradation to gauges in the defender dashboard caused

Many other uses, and for other vehicles. As with all our products we are happy to consult with our customers to discuss your needs.

The product is designed for enclosed spaces. Whilst it will work in open spaces the lifetime of the vapour release, and it's concentration will be reduced.

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