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Colours & Resprays


Automotive Solvent Basecoat for use with a Lacquer. Almost any colour available.


High Quality 1K Cellulose with vibrant strong colours for a lasting finish.

Coach Enamel

A superb ultra high grade coach enamel, also rollers our beautifully.

2K Acrylic Gloss

Direct gloss 2K no requirement for lacquer.

Upol Raptor

Great range of Upol Raptor 2K Polyurethane including all colours and advice.

Fxliner / Fxframe

1K and 2K extremely tough Bedliner type aerosols with amazing coverage and ease of use.

Buzzweld DTM

Excellent budget 1K product. can be applied via schutz gun for a Heavily textured "raptor" look. also great for chassis/ roll cages etc.

GIO Galv In One

GIO removes the need for etch primers and t-washing and is available in most colours. great for galv and aluminium.

PIO Plastics In One

Flawless product offering incredible adhesion, and flexibility, you can even paint your tyres! no need for primers!

Buzzweld 1

Fully customiseable Polyurethane coating. durable, and highly resistant to chipping.


a Rnage of primers suitable for use with a range of base materials and top coats./