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8.2 CFM 2.5HP 50L Direct Drive Compressor PCL, 10M Airline, selection of compatible connectors for any Buzzweld GUN/ TOOL,8.2 CFM 2.5HP 50L Direct Drive Compressor PCL, 10M Airline, selection of compatible connectors for any Buzzweld GUN/ TOOL,



Contents of kit.


8x 1000ML WAR in Schultz tins Matt Black (chassis cavities, and underbody)

FX11 Underbody Schultz gun (to apply all Schultz tinned products)

1x WAR Aerosol (for hard to reach areas)

5x 1000ML Rust Encapsulator in Schultz Tins (primer for all rusty/ painted prepared surfaces, apply this before WAR.

1x Rust Encapsulator Aerosol (for hard to reach areas)

1x FXLiner Aerosol 1k smooth (for crossmember/ bumper)

1000ML Multi Thinner (works with both products) (to thin down products above if required)

1X Aerosol Cavity Lance (tube for aerosols to get to spring mounts and hard to reach places)

1x Masking tape roll

1x Twin dust sheet pack




  1. Clean, descale, and degrease chassis and axles (checkout our Abrasives section here, Degreaser Here)
  2. Jet wash, steam clean where possible, including the cavities of the chassis (internal structure of the chassis -Chassis Wash gun
  3. Drive vehicle, and / use the FX10 gun to air out the chassis 
  4. Using Multi-Thinner topup a war schultz tin, and then replace the cap. shake the tin, for a minute, and then inject into the cavities using the FX10 gun and the included lance) if its spits/ doesn't spray well unscrew the adjustable nozzle on the FX10 gun a little more and/ or add a little more thinner to the WAR tin (you may need to decant some if cold)
  5. Wipe down any overspray using a cloth with a small amount of multi-thinner on.
  6. Apply Rust Encapsulator to the outside of the chassis (two coats), allowing it to change to a satin finish between coats (usually a few hours between coats) - TIP. topup a Rust Encapsulator schultz tin with Multi-thinner using the same process as the war tin above. It will spray alot faster, and creep into rust and hard to reach areas faster.
  7. Leave ideally overnight or 8+ hours prior to applying WAR. ensure you cannot put your fingerprint into the Rust Encapsulator prior to applying WAR.
  8. Mask off the rear crossmember if a defender, as you will paint that in the FXLiner
  9. Similar process for WAR on the outside. you can thin one down and wash the chassis over in it, and then use the remainder to apply a thicker coating. adjust the FX10 nozzle out to pickup more paint, and back in to reduce it.
  10. Once the WAR has cured for a day, apply the FXliner to the rear crossmember (if your vehicle has one) overspray onto WAR is fine and helps to blend the products anyway.


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