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UPDATED 06/2/2017

Preparation Guide here

At Buzzweld we offer many different combinations of coating and wax's and we understand that it can be confusing. This guide will help you to find the right product for you. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us via the website or on our Facebook page.



  • RCP (Rust Control Primer) This is our Best primer. Choose this for direct to rust, maximum longevity and ease of use. 2500ML tin will cover most chassis. Just remove flaky rust and then use this. Also adheres to aluminium and sprays when warmed with our Body Gun, or thinned using RCP thinners. Use t-wash to apply to galv. brush, roller or spray. Best suited to our gloss products. availabile in 400ML Aerosols, and 125>5000ML tins.
  • Oxide-X This is a high quality Entry level primer, great for things like boot floors, or steel work where you want to protect it quickly. It is a very high build single pack so great for smoothing over imperfections. It is also a cheaper alternative to RCP. Dont buy it to go with CIO. CIO is a hybrid coating and is a higher spec product. Sort rust before you use this. Use t-wash to apply to galv. 3000ML for most chassis and axles. brush, roller or spray. Available in 400ML Aerosol, and 1000 & 5000ML Tins


  • FCP (Fast Cure Primer) Our most versatile primer. Incredibly fast touch dry time in as little as 3 minutes, direct to rust, high solids, toughened glass flake, no need to top coat, abrasion resistant, sprays beautifully un-thinned in our body gun across a wide temperate range. Buzzweld FCP allows you to complete a thorough chassis treatment removing an entire day from a similar RCP based kit. Best Primer to Use with CIO. Available as Rust encapsulator Aerosol, or 2500ML Tins.
  • Chassis Black Gloss extreme is an Ultra quality high gloss coating. It requires a primer to be used, and works well with both RCP and Oxide-X. 2500ML is enough to do most chassis and axles. brush, roller or spray. available in Handy Aerosols that give a bodyshop finish without lacquer, and a range of tin siozes from 125>5000ML


  • HD Gloss is a glass flake re-enforced coating, with a mid gloss sheen. Presents a coating as hard as enamels, but without the risk or fracture, or chipping. Use over RCP Primer.


  • Raptor Bedliner. A tough high build, textured two pack Polyurethane coating that we can tint to your specification. Superb as an exterior or interior finish, with great abrasion resistance. Should be used with an Etch primer for aluminium/ galv, or FCP primer for Steel/ corroded steel.
Hybrid Coatings
  • Chassis In One (CIO) Is a corrosion modifier primer and top coat in one. Two coats, job done. Applies directly to rust, or aluminium. Very tough single pack coatings with glass flake. Protection can be doubled up by using this with FCP primer. Sprays beautifully with our body gun. 2500ML is enough for most chassis and axles. Brush, roller or spray. CIO Provides a beautiful tough finish, that is OEM in appearance.


  • Buzzweld 2K Chassis Armour. Incredibly tough and durable coating, 77% as hard as steel, and one the finest two pack epoxy products to be made. When you require the absolute best we think money can buy choose this. Single coat, direct to rust, many metals, and concrete, incredibly tough, hard, and a nightmare to remove from whatever you get it on. available in 5000ML only which is suitable for most Chassis. use t-wash if applying to galv.
Cavity Treatments
  • Cavity Paint is a corrosion stabilsing solution designed to penetrate and modify existing corrosion. A superb long term solution to wax. Also forms a great base for VCI waxes such as Zero Prep or W.A.R (Wheel Arch Refinement)


  • Zero Prep is a  highly advanced vapour release cavity wax. Clear/ transparent. Dries to a tough touch dry finish. Great for internal cavities, and fantastic at using capillary action due to a low viscosity, and high creep so is good for a chassis that has flaky rust inside and / or delaminated steel that cannot be removed.


  • W.A.R. Wheel Arch Refinement is our tough Hybrid VCi (vapour corrosion inhibitor) underseal superwax. Designed to outlast existing wet waxes, yet offer protection levels simialr to an underbody Sealer, all whilst retaining the ability of being applied direct to rust.

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