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Rust Encapsulator Bundle Tin + Aerosol Offer

Rust Encapsulator Bundle Tin + Aerosol Offer
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Brand:  Buzzweld



Chassis Paint Black Satin CIO Chassis In OneChassis Paint Black Satin CIO Chassis In One




1x 1000ML TIn.

1x 400ML Aerosol


Buzzweld's Rust encapsulator combats corrosion, and its ability to return by tackling the causes of corrosion in several ways.

  • By stabilising corrosion from Fe203 (rust), to magnetite we remove the reactivity of not only the corrosion itself, but we reduce it BELOW that of bare steel. This means even if you removed our coating, the stabilised corrosion will degrade at a REDUCED rate vs bare steel. By doing this we reduce the ability of the part you are protecting to degrade further.


  • Rust Encapsulator is infused with Glass Flake. Upon application the flake will spread throughout the coating, prior to setting. What you are left with is a coating with evenly spaced toughened glass particles. These not only massively increase abrasive resistance and hardness, but they also create a convoluted path through the coating that moisture, and contaminents will have to travel to re activate the corrosion, add to that the corrosion will have been stabilised by the above, and you now have three layers of protection from a single coating.


  • Rust Encapsulator does not suffer from porousity, so you can protect without the requirement to then protect the primer saving money.


  • Minimal Prep. Remove loose rust/ paint, degrease and apply.


  • Rust Encapsulator is compatible with most top coats.


  • High adhesion, semi self-etching can be used under and over body fillers, under lacquer, enamels, urethanes, most fast cure coatings.

  • High build so will fill in small preparation and substrate defects.


  • Will not fail due to UV degredation


  • ZERO rust creep product. One of the fastest ways for corrosion to beat oxides, zinc, and otehr coatings is to blister and force the coating off. Rust Encapsulator is specifically designed to stop this, which means not only are you protected, but if perforation does occur, the damage is localised and limited from spreading.


  • VERY fast cure. touch dry in as little as 15 minutes.


  • Always apply minimum two coats.

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