Tinned Coatings

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2K Armour 5000ML Elite Flagship

2K Armour 5000ML Elite Flagship£159.99


77% as hard as steel, stops drumming, "CIO on steroids".

W.A.R. Wheel Arch Refinement 2500ML Tin

W.A.R. Wheel Arch Refinement 2500ML Tin£64.99   £59.99

Hybrid Tough, Touch Dry, VCI based wax and underseal for cavity and external protection

FCP Fast Cure Primer 2500ML

FCP Fast Cure Primer 2500ML£49.99


Fast Cure Primer for CIO, and Quora top coats. Direct to rust.

Fluid Etch 1000ML tin

Fluid Etch 1000ML tin£19.99

Aggressive etch primer for use with Quora colours, and CIO. For most types of metal. Can be used with 2K Armour.

RCP- Rust Control Primer - Tinned

RCP- Rust Control Primer - Tinned£3.89  -  £89.99


Direct To Rust True Corrosion Inhibiting Primer. Buzzweld RCP- Rust Control Primer, the true corrosion inhibitor. This is the recommended primer for our Chassis In One (CIO) product, Chassis Gloss Black & Chassis Gloss Grey.

Oxide-X HB Filler & intemediary primer

Oxide-X HB Filler & intemediary primer£13.99  -  £59.99


Superb as an intermediary primer for improved finish, and to flat back to.

Chassis Black Satin CIO Chassis In One

Chassis Black Satin CIO Chassis In One£3.99  -  £94.99


Direct to rust, and leaves a superb tough satin finsh. Does almost everything!


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