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Walcom IM Underbody rustproofing wax injection spray gun + 4 lances

Walcom IM Underbody rustproofing wax injection spray gun + 4 lances
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Brand:  Walcom



High FLow Walcom Airline ConnectorHigh FLow Walcom Airline Connector


The Asturomec IM GUN by WALCOM is an advanced high viscosity pressurised gun for applying Protective soundproofing, underbody wax/ coatings and a range of cavity products.

Equipped with controls for atomisation, air flow, paint pressurisation, and gun feed pressure, as well as flow control you have full access to taylor how the gun performs and sprays all from the gun. From coarse thick textures, to spray quality equivalent to a budget HVLP gun.

We supply the gun with all of lances includes. these are high quality narrow bore lances that use a push fit quick-connect system. Lances included are.

1. Traditional cavity lance, using cerations covering 360 degrees of the diffuser. this means you get full coverage instead of spot coverage. ideal for products like Zero Prep, and WAR stage 3 (thinned).

2. Angled access lance. This lance is PERFECT for accessing hard to reach areas with the main unit, such as tops of chassis rails, inner arch lips, and around mounts and fittings.

3. Straight lance. For when you cannot get the gun in and around suspension components this lance sprays from one jet, effectievly giving you a spray "pencil" where you can detail, and access areas you would otherwise struggle to reach.

4. Straight alnce large pattern. This lance is the same as 3, however has additional holes that cover a wider area. great for covering larger areas faster, can also be used in cavities for covering re enforcement plates with a lip that the 360 degree lance may struggle with.


The IM gun pressurises the paint pot and only uses the airflow to adjust atomisation. As such it can spray high viscosity products with minimal air consumption including war concentrate with NO THINNER (warm product first). the unit is also built top accept standard schultz tins for versatility. 

The paint pot capacity is 1.2L which is perfect for decanting war concentrate, and adding thinner should you wish. the mixing paddles in the shop also fit within the pot and allow you to mix the product from within the paint pot reducing mess and wastage.


We will be updating all of our data sheets and product guides to include the IM gun, how to set it up and use it, and general support for most of our products due to its quality and versatility. we will also be carrying full spares in the coming weeks. Buzzweld HQ application centre uses the IM gun on our applications.


Recommended thinner for Buzzweld Products.

Spray Cavity
RE no thinner 10>20%
Zero Prep no thinner 0>10%
WAR >10% 20>30%
CIO No THinner n/a

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