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Aerosol Chassis Zinc protection kit

Aerosol Chassis Zinc protection kit
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Brand:  Buzzweld




Aerosol chassis Paint Kit

The chassis Aerosol kit is a  fully functional chassis aerosol kit. Based on the formidable SuperZinc 90 with among the best in the world thin film performance from an aerosol,

Why aerosols?

Aerosols cause issues in that the "shrink back" can be up to 75% more than conventionally applied methods. This means for each aerosol coat you can be putting on as little as 25% the paint vs brush and schutz applied methods. As a result you need ALOT of aerosols, and you need the highest performance coatings you can get.

What is different about your Aerosol kit? you just said it can't work.

Superzinc 90 is a very unique aerosol. just one decent coat of Superzinc 90, over corrosion, or blasted steel (so both "high profile" substrates to cover, inherently very difficult to protect with aerosols), is still offering protection some 18 months later, with initial failure showing around the 12 month mark. We are two years into the 12 coat test, and we are looking at over two years from two heavy coats, not top coated, with three coats on the blasted and the corroded steel looking like day one still.


12x Superzinc 90 Aerosols

12x DTM Black Aerosols

We believe you can see 5 or more rust free years from the aerosol kit, more if applied fully, evenly, and to a prepared chassis. This is basically unheard of from aerosols unless your using boxes and boxes of them. (think over 50).

This kit consists of three steps.

1. Stripe coat. see the stripe coating guide here You have 4 superzinc 90 aerosols to stripe coat with. This is more than enough for the job, and we want you to use the extended nozzle and if required the short nozzle extension to complete this. Our advice is to do two aerosol stripe coats over the entire chassis. This is stripe coats NOT chassis coats (follow the stripe coat guide!).

2. You now have 8 more Superzinc 90 aerosols to coat the chassis. Use the white nozzles, with grey centers to get the rest of the paint on. You will find Superzinc 90 has an incredibly short touch dry time, so by the time you have coated the chassis you can do another coat. use all of the aerosols. use torches and multiple viewing angles to ensure there is NOTHING you have missed.

3. Next up is your top coat. Apply this to the chassis once you can see the superzinc 90 has a matt finish. Superzinc 90 can be top coated in almost anything, but for this kit we are going with DTM black aerosols. They offer great protection, anti corrosive nature, and a stunning silky oem finish. Using the aerosols apply all the aerosols to the chassis, taking care to cover hard to reach areas, spraying up close to avoid wasting paint, and from all relevant angles. use torches to inspect your work and look for missed biuts and thin spots.

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