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Blast and paint Package

Blast and paint Package
Blast and paint PackageBlast and paint PackageBlast and paint PackageBlast and paint Package

How does our sand blasting service work?

Sand or soda blast yourself?

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Brand:  Buzzweld


A choice of paints that will be returned to you along with your item once blasted.

How It Works.

  1. Select the volume for the item you require and paint package
  2. Package and send your item to us.
  3. Upon receipt we will call you and let you know we have received it, and when we expect the item to be ready for return to you.
  4. We blast the item, and make the paint products you have specified.
  5. we bundle that with any other items you have ordered at the same time
  6. We package and ship the item to you, UKMail tracked.

Volume/ Size

  1. Small item> fits inside a 20x20x20cm box.
  2. >5 small items (must fit inside a 20x20x20cm box together)
  3. large item (must fit inside a 30x23x23 box)
  4. >5 larger items (must fit inside a 30x23x23cm box together)


Guidelines for this service.

  • Not over 25KG
  • We use a medium grade sand for blasting. Some pitting will occur especially in softer metal such as alloy wheels.
  • Item should not be larger than a small engine block/ medium sized wheel.
  • item must be dry, and relatively clean (otherwise you will need to purchase a steam clean/ wet ice blasting service as well)
  • Item will be returned to you at the same time as the rest of your order, and using the shipping method you specified. if we have any issues we will contact you.
  • Items are not covered under insurance for return to you- we accept NO LIABILITY for loss/ damage of items being returned to you through our courier provider. If you require an insured shipment we will need to send the item independantly of the paint and provide you a quotation for that. Proof of value may be required.
  • You are also welcome to arrange collection, or dropoff/ collect in person from our business address.

This Fast Blast service for sand blasting is a great way of avoiding having to search for "blasting services near me". We can sandblast wood in our blasting machine, sandblast paint and take it back to metal, remove rust, or offer painting and sandblasting. Our Bead Blaster uses glass media for blasting, providing a clean, contamination free finish ready for painting.


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