Rust Paint Test

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Please note the pictures were hosted on another server and have since been deleted as that host seemingly no longer exists. we will start new testing soon, and host the pictures ourselves!

UPDATED 03/06/2015 New products added, and more updates. Please follow the link below

This is our little page where we tend to use products without reading instructions, with no regard for their intended use. We see so many tests conducted in a lab, and we wanted to test the other end of that theory on testing. 


Product updates have now moved to here. 

Take these results however you will, they are only for interest.

Product Test Update 05/12/2015


Hycote grey primer                                   Failed

Dulux Gloss                                              Starting to show first signs of failure.

Screwfix Red oxide                                  Good

Buzzweld RCP/ CIO                                 Good

Buzzweld RCP                                         Good

Hycote Grey primer/ Hycote Black           Failed

Hycote Grey primer/ Tetrosyl Silver         Failed

Penetration oil                                          Catastrophic Failure (Zero Protection Now offered)

Engine Oil                                                Catastrophic Failure (Zero Protection now offered

PU18                                                        Good

Baufix "lidl" metal primer                          Good

Pennine EP grease                                  Working, but corrosion continues. Semi Failed. Now acting as moisture sponge.

Buzzweld CIO                                          Good

Buzzweld Corroless Southern CCI           Initial signs of Failure from UV light (middle)

Corroless "rust Killer"                               Good

Baufix White Metal Primer                        Failed


We have two more products to add (weather permitting).


Please note. These tests are incredibly difficult for any product to last. Not only are they applied to existing corrosion, but they are on a flat surface so get water logged often. They are also highly exposed to winds, rain, debris, and strong UV light. The conditions here are far worse than on a vehicle for several reasons, and life expectancy of any product in this test will be Significantly reduced.

Hycote grey primer

Dulux Gloss

Screwfix Red oxide

Buzzweld RCP/ CIO

Buzzweld RCP

Hycote Grey primer/ Hycote Black

Hycote Grey primer/ Tetrosyl Silver

Penetration oil

Engine Oil


Baufix "lidl" metal primer and top coat in one spray

Pennine EP grease

Buzzweld CIO

Buzzweld Corroless Southern CCI

Corroless "rust Killer" spray added 01/09/2015

Baufix White Metal Primer added 08/09/2015



Product test update 24/08/2015

Less than 16 days in to our test, and some products are starting to fail.

Hycote grey primer. A bit suprised by this one, but as you can see it has rust rash throughout the coating.


Dulux gloss just starting to show signs of failure on the peaks of the steel profile.


Screwfix High performance red oxide with anti-corrosion. Very pitted, but nothing to report.


Buzzweld RCP/ Buzzweld CIO. Nothing to report.


Buzzweld RCP. Nothing to report.


Hycote Grey primer/ Hycote Black. Nothing to report


Hycote Grey primer/ Tetrosyl Silver. Nothing to report.


Penetration oil has failed 50%


Engine Oil. After a rough start this has settled down somewhat. no noticeable changes in the last week.


PU18. nothing to report.


ADDED 16/08 Baufix "lidl" metal primer and top coat in one spray. Nothing to report.


ADDED 16/08 Pennine EP grease. This is the result after one day of rain......


Buzzweld CIO. Nothing to report.


Buzzweld Corroless Southern CCI. Dried to a touch dry wax. Its looks wet, but is actually dry. No other changes.




So starting today 08/08/2015 we have begun a little test.

Taking a bunch of different products, we have put them, onto some pre corroded steel.

No Prep, No reading of Instructions. All have had 2x coats per product, and all have been applied as thick as we reasonably can.

Bear in mind some of these products are not targeted at coating steel.


here are the contestants. We may add more in time.

1. Screwfix Red oxide. It is marketed as a high performance, anti corrosion primer.


2. Hycote grey primer


3. Hycote grey primer, overcoated with tetrosyl silver.


4. Hycote grey primer, overcoated with hycote satin black.


5. Dulux Gloss White


6. Buzzweld RCP primer.


7. Buzzweld RCP primer, this will be overcoated with Buzzweld chassis In One.


8. PU18


9. Engine Oil


10. Buzzweld CCI 450. This has to be seperated from the other tests, as it vapour releases, with the likelihood of it enhancing the performance of adjacent products.


In addition to the above testing, buzzweld supply an anti corrosive Vapour tape. This has been used to protect fighter jets and a whole host of other specialist electronic equipment. Contact is not necessary, as the product release a mono-molecular vapour to achieve its results. The test below is not sealed from atmosphere, and we will check in a few months time.

One other test we wanted to complete was the ability of CCI to be applied to a wet surface. Buzzweld CCI disperses existing moisture, and then encapsulates the corrosion. As can be seen in the following, the CCI pushes the water to the edge, before sealing the surface. This plate is now being exposed to external conditions, as per the other test subjects to demonstrate this ability.

Product Video



Most products dried. Only thing to report. The Oil is already "sweating" it has trapped moisture within itself. It is not water on the surface, but within the oil.

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