VHT PAINT - Very High Temperature Paint

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High temperature paint is a generic term used to signify a paint is designed for temperatures higher than normal "high heat paint". Some VHT paints begin to break down around 175C which means they cannot be used on certain parts of an engine such as the exhaust manifold that can reach temperature exceeding 700C in turbo's applications.

High Temperature Black PaintHigh Temperature Silver Paint

We offer a range of VHT Paints where they start to deteriorate around 250C, and some go up as high as 850C! 

up to 250C coloured VHT paints can be used on inlet manifolds, calipers, drums, engine blocks etc etc. we use strong tints so you do not need so many coats to achieve a good look.

Up to 850C VHT paints can be used on most manifolds and almost everywhere on a car or 4x4.

Very Higher Temperature red paint

Our paint is suitable as a vht engine paint, and can be ordered in aerosols as a high temperature spray paint. you can use this as a truck frame paint (or for chassis) around the engine area over our rust encapsulator primer,  or as a vht caliper paint. our vht ceramic paint is very cost effective and can be used for many other items including manual transmissions (as well as automatics).


Andrew Hull
Saturday, 9 January 2021  |  12:11

hi. im restoring a old datsun laurel.the engine block was painted blue before.it is more of a greeny blue that i need.what have you got.the bs number is bs18c39

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