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Clear Underbody Rustproofing Service / Treatment

Clear Underbody Rustproofing Service / Treatment
Clear Underbody Rustproofing Service / TreatmentClear Underbody Rustproofing Service / TreatmentClear Underbody Rustproofing Service / Treatment
Clear Underbody Rustproofing Service / TreatmentClear Underbody Rustproofing Service / TreatmentClear Underbody Rustproofing Service / Treatment

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Brand:  Buzzweld

FX11 De-Luxe Schultz rustproofing and chassis paint gunFX11 De-Luxe Schultz rustproofing and chassis paint gun
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Buzzweld U.P. Underbody preservation is a borosilicate glass re-enforced underbody clear lacquer with exceptional anti-corrosive properties.

We treat the entire underside of your vehicle, including chassis, axles, and underbody, in almost all cases including wheel arches. U.P. has significant time and cost benefits over waxes, other clear treatments and paints.

U.P. is specifically formulated to be applied to a wet or dry rusty or painted surface that has had minimal preparation.  U.P. will offer medium term protection up to 5 yearson lesser exposed areas, above that of oils, and other waxes at low preparation levels.


  • Using our dedicated 100KW Vehicle decontamination room, we steam clean your vehicle underbody and components using 155C steam to remove all road salts, contamination, and existing removeable coatings such as waxoil / lanoguard/ Dinitrol.
  • Using an airline we continue to clean the vehicle and remove excess moisture. This process is important as water at low or high pressure is not able to remove all loose materials. Air has a unique ability to get under the edge of flakey paints, whereas water by its hydraulic action will often simply apply compression.
  • If the vehicle has a readily accessible spare tyre underneath we will remove that as well.
  • Plastic liners etc we inject behind using cavity equipment. This saves on time, and also on costs of dismantling, and broken fittings- so your vehicle comes back to you the same but with far more corrosion protection than before!
  • Daily use of the vehicle is the same, the coating can be inspected (as its clear) and checked periodically for any issues.
  • Additionally water now sheds off the bottom, and doesn't linger, whilst also being extremely easy to clean.
  • Cleaning you will now complete in less time, use less water and energy and achieve a better cleandown than previous.
  • Mud and dirt does not stick to UP. UP dries to a dry glossy hydrophobic finish, so its extremely good at keeping your vehicle rust free,, and clean even without your help!

Benefits include

  1. Clear- U.P. does not hide existing issues. You can spot problems as they occur and maintain accordingly.
  2. PREVENTS road salts and dirt sticking to the underside.
  3. LOW reactivity. U.P. is compatible with most existing paints and treatments making it ideal as a Patina Preserver, and a topup protection system.
  4. EXTREME creep from absorption, as well as capillary action. 
  5. U.P. flows in between spot welds, and absorbs into corrosion forcing out the residual moisture and air, suffocating the ability for corrosion to continue.
  6. TIME effective. a U.P. underbody treatment can be completed in as little as 2 hours.
  7. FAST CURE. U.P. can be touch dry in as little as 30 minutes.
  8. High temperature tolerance. Survives on the exhaust system up to but not including the downpipe.
  9. Forces out moisture from wiring looms, and electrical connectors.
  10. Presents an easy to clean surface.
  11. Vehicle underbody stays dryer for longer, and holds less water in adverse conditions.
  12. Hydrophobic
  13. Dries properly, does not wash away, or attract dirt/ debris
  14. Makes maintenance work ALOT easier- cleaner, drier, less rust.
  15. EASY to weld, or prepare an area that has been treated.

We estimate the lifespan of U.P. conservatively to be between 12 and 36 months to first maintenance. This will vary based on the existing condition, and useage.

Typical Process.

  1. Steam cleaning @155C of underbody
  2. Air jetting down to remove excess moisture
  3. Application of UP to underbody some cavities and arches.
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Super Efficient!
Friday, 8 March 2019  | 

I dropped off my vehicle to Buzzweld HQ 6 months ago. They dropped me in to town 5 minutes away, and gave me advice on where the cinema etc was.

The process was explained to me at the time, and carried out as promised, really friendly Chaps. Its been 6 months and its still like new, but the main difference is how clean it stays underneath. It dries properley! I have replaced the rear brakes recently, and getting parts undone was easy, and as it was alot cleaner it was actuall nicer to work on. I used an Aerosol of it from buzzweld to protect the new bits i fitted whilst i was there. 10/10 from me.

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FX11 De-Luxe Schultz rustproofing and chassis paint gun

FX11 De-Luxe Schultz rustproofing and chassis paint gunFrom:  £29.00


High quality 360 degree adjustable gun with spare top

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