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Colour Approximation service (instore or by post)

Our Price:  £30.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£25.00 Exc. VAT)Earn 30 Loyalty Points

Brand:  Buzzweld




We have been asked many times for colour matches in WAR, Upol Raptor, and other Heavy Duty products.

In Almost all cases out Quora tint will provide you something closer to what you envisaged than a standard tint. There are cases where people wish to use metallic colours, or have a flat colour altered to suit. We provide this service and can usually compensate for the base of Raptor and other binders that makeup the paints and subsequently alter the colour that you see.

What is the colour matching Service

You provide us a colour you are having problems with either physically or as a code, and we load that into the product you require. Examples include you want a colour in a certain product we cannot offer straight off our system, so we can make that colour specifically for you, other examples are using certain paints will alter colours when you mix them. You can use this service so that we can help compensate for that alteration before mixing, so that when you mix the colour it comes out as you originally intended.

The charge is £30 per 30 minutes, and includes sprayouts of products you purchase at the time. Most colours we can do within a 30 minute period, however for multiple colours, and depending on how difficult the colour/ paint combination is you may require additional time. 

This service is also suitable for us matching an item you bring to us such as matching the colour of furniture etc.

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