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LizardSkin Application Equipment

It provides exactly what is needed for
professionals and hobbyists to properly apply the coatings. Sprayers used for typical
paint applications are not engineered to handle the thickness of these technologically
advanced coatings. Both LizardSkin coatings must be applied to a clean, dry and rustfree
surface. Applying the coatings is a snap, without the tedious labor of cutting and
pasting that traditional mat products require.

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LizardSkin Superpro Application Spray Kit

LizardSkin Superpro Application Spray Kit£99.99   £75.00


Gun for very high viscosity fluids such as lizardskin.


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Simply hook up the SuperPro Sprayer to shop air and spray your way to a cooler and quieter ride. Included in the kit:

• Sprayer

• 1 Quart Cup

• Stir Paddle (attaches to drill)

• Application Instructions

• Wet Mil Gauge

• 90˚ Spray Tip

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