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Moto Electrics Spray - Lanoguard

Moto Electrics Spray - Lanoguard
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Brand:  Lanoguard

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Lanoguard Moto Electrics Spray is a superior electrical spray which has primarily been designed for electrical application. It has a unique set of technical features that displace water and are non conductive so it will put an end to constant electrical problems. Some of these features include:

  • Waterproof (instantly waterproof anything)

  • Petroleum resistant (so petrol or diesel spillage of leakage won't displace it nor mix with it)

  • Non-conductive to 70,000 volts (use on all electrics and circuit boards)

  • Prevents electrolysis (no more seized nuts and bolts)

  • Non-evaporative (won't dry out like normal grease leaving un-lubricated or protected parts)

  • Heat resistant to 450 degrees Celsius

Better than products you have tried before, Lanoguard Moto Electrics Spray can be used wherever petroleum spray is used but will provide you with many benefits over the product you use currently and can be used to do more jobs than a normal spray too.

Something which really makes our products stand alone when compared to others is that they stay in place doing their job for a long time and won’t be displaced by pressure washing and won’t evaporate up to 450°C or be dissolved by petrol products. As well as this it is ecologically friendly and lasts much, much longer. It will not perish any rubbers or plastics either and in fact will nourish them!

Lanoguard Moto Range

Lanoguard's Moto range has been specifically developed to prevent the problems that all biking enthusiast encounter. Long lasting, waterproofing, anti-corrosive sprays, greases and lubricants for use on all on all types of motorbikes. Spray on and grease application for use on:

  • Chains
  • Seized nuts and bolts
  • Chassis and Suspension
  • Headstock bearings, rose couplings, ball joints and flexible joints
  • Electrics and electrolysis prevention
  • It lubricates cutting tools, lathe tools, saw blades and drills, etc.. to prevent blades breaking
  • Bike Trailers

It has all the features listed on our "Features" page such as acid an alkaline resistant and non-leaching.  Use it wherever you would use normal grease with the exception of high-speed bearings.

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