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Promatic - Black Underbody Schutz - 1L

Promatic - Black Underbody Schutz - 1L
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Promatic - Black Underbody Schutz - 1L

Bitumen based underbody coating spray for long-term gravel protection of front and rear spoilers, sills, side skirts, wheel arches, etc.

Underbody schutz features and benefits

  • A tough closed, elastic bitumen coating.

  • Excellent rust- and gravel protection.

  • Sound dampening properties reduces noise inside cars

  • Resistant to salt, moisture, acids, alkaline and in general corrosive atmosphere.

  • Can be applied drip-free.

  • Good adhesion to a wide range of materials especially car underbody.

  • Compatible with original PVC under coatings.

  • Can only be over sprayed/painted with bitumen products (not over paintable).

Underbody Schutz Technical Information

Base Oxidized bitumen, solvents and additives
Colour Black
Odour Typical bitumen / white spirit
Density (20 º C), g/ml 1.05
Solids 55%
Viscosity,Brookfield DVII  Ca. 12.000 m.Pas , sp4, 6 rpm
Salt Spray Test 300 mu 700 hours Ri 0
Drying time: 700mu wet layer / 20°C  Dust dry: 3 – 5 hours 
  Touch dry: 12 – 16 hours
  Trough dry: 1 day 
Recommended layer thickness / Use  700 mu wet, 300 mu dry 1 l per 1,4 m2 
Temperature resistance of the coating, º C : -50 – 80
Application temperature, º C 10 – 25 


Underbody Schutz Instructions

  1. Use on room temperature.
  2. Shake before use.
  3. Surface must be dry and clean, free from dirt, rust, grease etc.
  4. Spray an even layer on the object or surface to be coated.
  5. Leave to evaporate/dry.
  6. Do not spray on the exhaust, brake systems, or on motor parts.
  7. For high corrosion protection bare metal should be treated with an anti corrosion primer prior to the use anti gravel.
  8. After use, to clean the nozzle and prevent blockage.
  9. Can be removed with aromatic solvents as white spirit, boiling point naphtha, xylene, etc.

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