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Rust Primer Rust Converter

Rust Primer Rust Converter
 Rust Primer Rust ConverterRust Primer Rust Converter 
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Brand:  Buzzweld

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Rust Primer Rust Converter

Rust - Prime water thinnable rust converting primer.

Blended with high quality acid tolerant modified acrylic copolymer and a tannin based chelating agent, Epoxy Based resin Converter.

Rust - Prime is a milky white latex coating that is applied to rusty metal to stop the rust, form a protective layer prior to further painting. Very little surface preparation is required  prior to use. This product will treat cars, crossmembers vehicle chassis, boats,  keels, engines, door frames, garden furniture- almost anything that is rusty steel. 

NO acids to cause further corrosion issues.

What is Rust-Prime

Rust-Prime is a complex mixture of tannin and vinyl acrylic copolymer for the treatment of corroded steel and iron surfaces. Rust-Prime neutralises the corrosion process by converting the rust into a black-blue metallo-organic complex which passivates the surface. Rust-Prime then further protects by forming a film with low permeability to oxygen and water vapour. Self priming, so does not have to be top coated, however for increased longevity we recommend our DTM or Zinc Phosphate top coats. you can top coat Rust-Prime with waterbased or solvent based topcoats. Typically 1L will treat 8>9 square meters of rusty metal.




1. Remove all loose rust/ corrosion/ loose paint by scraping or wire brushing.

2. Degrease to remove all oil, grease and dirt etc. 

3. Washing with water can assist in removing soluble salts, then allow to dry.

4. Apply onto light or firm rust only and leave until blacking occurs.

5. Do not apply to non-rusted areas. Areas of ’good’ steel should be cleaned and primed with a suitable primer such as Rust Encapsulator Primer, or our Zinc Phosphate oxide.

6. Perfect for use with our soon to be launched "Aqua Chassis" paint, and DTM.

7. Should be primed or top coated soon after application. Perfect for us with Buzzweld DTM, Chassis Guard and other non stabilising primers.

Do not put brush used for application back in pot. Decant required product for each use.


Application methods

Airless Spray 50>70 psi thin with water up to 20%

Schutz 50>70 psi. no need to thin. wipe of excess overspray. do not apply excessively thick. allow to cure and do two coats where required.

Brush/ Roller. Apply up neat, or can thin up to 10%. two coats. can be applied to a damp surface.

Curing / Drying

touch dry as a single coat within 40 minutes in most conditions. can be second coated once the product is touch dry. 

Do not use below 5C, or above 40C. do not apply in direct sunlight.


Self priming, and will accept most topcoats and other primers.

For best performance use our DTM or Zinc Phosphate top coats. can also be top coated with Epoxy. Do not use cellulose directly. Test patch prior to top coating to ensure cure and compatibility.

Rust-Prime is a concentrate formed converter. We use concentrates where possible to provide customers with the maximum amount of product (instead of watered/ thinned down versions) and thus value for money. An upgrade to Rust-Prime would be Rust Encapsulator.  "RE" provides a complete chemical conversion that takes a full 9 months and isnt Tanin based. The process is more complete, and more thorough. Use Rust-Primer OR RE. there is no technical advantage to combining the two products on the same surface.


Average Rating (3 Reviews):  

rust primer
Sunday, 26 April 2020  | 

this is my 3rd bottle good stuff only problem thickest of liquid verys

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Great value
Thursday, 9 April 2020  | 

I have used this to treat a lot of rust by application with a brush and it is really good stuff to use. Consistency is perfect so very easy to apply and the size of bottle for the cost is very good

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Great stuff!
Thursday, 26 December 2019  | 

This is the same as the other brand i use, just half the price! thanks Buzzweld


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