Finding Colours

Wednesday, 26 April 2017  |  Admin

So your approaching the point where colour is one of the last major decisions you will need to make on your restoration/ project and are out of ideas.


Here are a number of useful links, and how we can help you use those colours to great effect.

Products that can be coloured are often referred to as "tintable".

We currently offer, or have in development the following tintable products.

W.A.R. Wheel Arch Refinement

Quora 1K enamel

Quora 1k VHT Aerosol

Quora 1k Enamel Aerosol

Raptor Bedliner

Raptor Shots

Quora 2K Aerosols


Buzzweld Bedliner Aerosol

Plastic Paint Aerosol

For these products you will want to find a colour. here are a number of resources to help you with that.

RAL Colour


For the RAL Classic colour chart (view):


*Note that all colours on screen can vary widely based on several factors including the product you have specified the colour in, the camera used, and the screen you are viewing it on.

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