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Buzzweld HQ Application Centre

Applications Completed

1 (RCP & CIO), -colour coded war rear arches - Defender 110

2. Rust Encapsulator followed by CIO schultz gun applied - Defender 90

3. Dinitrol Removal. RCP Followed by WAR.


estimated Prices for Buzzweld HQ (based on a defender 90 vehicle that requires a standard clean down, with no remedial work for things such as bolts stripping/ snapping and no excessive corrosion). all include Zero Prep Cavity wax for chassis and crossmember.

WAR underbody treatment £750 - Primer upgrade £150

CIO Schultz applied £850 - Primer Upgrade £150

CIO Fine spray applied (includes primer) £1000

Belt and Braces package

Rust Encapsualtor, CIO, and top coated with war, schultz applied. £1000

Three doors cavity wax (bottom of front doors, top and bottom of rear door) £100 (drill and plug method, entry points typically hidden behind door seal)

Cavity treat bulkhead £75

FXLiner 2K upgrade for Tow pack and Crossmember £75

Defender 110 Size upgrade £150

Lizardskin boot (90CSW) with fittings removed prior £150

Lizardskin entire floor pan front to back with most fittings removed prior £300

Lizardskin two front doors including cavity wax, primer, and colour coded top coat £300

Standard Bumper scotch and top coat with FXliner 2K £75



All prices are Plus V.A.T.