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What Is the difference between the levels of Rustproofing treatments
We provide four main levels of rustproofing. All treatments include a 155C steam clean of the underbody. As a general guide they are
  1. Basic - Clear Underbody Lacquer, Clear treatment for cavities
  2. Standard - WAR Black, with minimal masking. WAR treatment for some cavities
  3. Premium, -Rust Encapsulator and WAR, with parts removal and masking WAR treatment for some cavites
  4. Platinum, RE, CIO, WAR, Blackit products being used, underbody and chassis, tank removal, some suspension parts, exhaust often, two stage cavity treatments, includes body.
How long does rustproofing last?
This is the piece of string question. It will depend on many factors such as current condition, level of access to the underbody (not all areas can be prepared and painted), if small issues are remedied later on in the life of the treatment, and importantly how you maintain it. Regular steam cleaning and use offraod will shorten the life, as would be living by the sea.
Are the rustproofing products applied sticky?
None of the products we use are wet waxes, because not only do they present problems with maintenance, and generally do not stand up well to cleaning, but they also attrract dirt and debris, which can act as a catlyst for more corrosion
What warranty do you offer?
None. we see many companies from car manufacturers, to product manufacturers offering warranties, and then failing to honour them. As a result we trade on our name, and our reputation to do a good job. We want to see standard, premium, and platinum underbody treatments back after 1 year for an inspection by us. If there are any issues we will remedy them. We are also constantly evolving our process so will often add updates to previous treatments when they come in for inspection. To date we have not refused any additional work required on any vehicle, self inflicted, or as a result of work we should do under warranty and we feel this speaks volumes for how we stand by what we do. Other competitors are offering 10 year warranties on processes and products that cannot last this long, and we are regularly rectifying and treating other work that is still in warranty by another company but isnt being honoured
Can i choose a colour or particular product?
Yes you can choose almost any product or colour from our range and we will help you taylor that into atreatment package for you. You do not have to have only what we list.
What other services can you offer at the same time
we can offer sand blasting of parts, wet ice blasting, colour coding, welding, fabrication, among other services