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1.8mm LVLP Gravity spray Gun

1.8mm LVLP Gravity spray Gun£59.99   £39.99


with accessories

Raptor Thinners£9.99  -  £34.99

Thinners for Upol raptor Bedliner

CIO Galvanised chassis Kit

CIO Galvanised chassis Kit£84.99  -  £119.99

Full galvanised chassis coating kits including applicator gun. Fast Cure, TOUGH.

Raptor Epoxy Primer

Raptor Epoxy Primer£24.99  -  £104.99

Available Soon

Cavity Wax. Self Regenerating 1000ML

Cavity Wax. Self Regenerating 1000ML£9.99  -  £189.99

1000ML Schultz Tin

W.A.R. Wheel Arch Refinement Aerosol 400ML

W.A.R. Wheel Arch Refinement Aerosol 400ML£9.99  -  £99.99


Hybrid Tough, Touch Dry, VCI based wax and underseal for cavity and external protection

Automotive Grade Masking tape

Automotive Grade Masking tape£2.49  -  £34.99

European manufactured automotive grade 80C tolerant.
FX100 Seam Sealer/ PU Adhesive 310ML Cartridge

FX100 Seam Sealer/ PU Adhesive 310ML Cartridge£9.99   £5.99

310ML Cartridge

Buzzweld Automotive Protection