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1 CommentSunday, 19 September 2021  |  Admin
Automotive Detailing Product
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4 CommentsMonday, 25 May 2020  |  Admin
How To Paint Galvanised Steel and Iron

We disciss GIO and how it can help your restoration

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1 CommentMonday, 25 May 2020  |  Admin
Benefits of DTM Metal Painting

Direct to metal paint explained DTM

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1 CommentTuesday, 28 January 2020  |  Admin
How to Rustproof Your Vehicle

Rust Proofing Guide

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Monday, 20 January 2020  |  Admin
How to apply Garage Floor Paint

we cover off how to use our Garage floor paint and more!

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1 CommentSunday, 19 January 2020  |  Admin
Cold Galvanising Primer Paint - Testing Update 1

23 days in, we provide the first update on Cold Galvanising - Zinc Rich Primer

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Sunday, 12 January 2020  |  Admin
How to Stripe Coat, and why you should do it.

We explain what stripe coating is, its effects, and why you should do it.

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1 CommentSunday, 5 January 2020  |  Admin
How to Underseal your car using the FX11

Using chassis paint and the FX11 gun we show you how!

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Saturday, 28 December 2019  |  Admin
Zinc Rich Primer Paint - Testing on Blasted steel, and rusty metal

We test our Zinc Rich Primer "Molten Zinc" cold galvanising paint on Rust and Blasted steel

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1 CommentTuesday, 24 December 2019  |  Admin
Cold Galvanizing: Why Zinc Gets the Gold Medal in Steel Protection

Zinc Rich Primers explained

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