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Splash Dewatering agent for Chassis Guard Lanolin Oil 500ml

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Splash Dewatering agent for Chassis Guard Lanolin Oil 500ml


Splash solves on HUGE problem with most lanolin based coatings- How are you going to get it dry in winter before you apply your coating?

We sell you a cost effective, easy to apply coating but for many of you there is no realistic way to get rid of the water once cleaned. Law of averages says many may not clean the surface prior to application so they dont have to overcome this hurdle, and many more may jsut apply a lanolin coaitng fully wet. 

Splash is designed to save you time, energy, cost, and increase the effectiveness of Chassis Guard when applying to a wet surface. Splash will drive moisture from a damp / rusty surface and seal it. Acting as a pre primer for Chassis Guard.

Product Pro's

  • Dewatering action. Splash will actively remove and push moisture out of exisitng corrosion, and more.
  • Cheap! we aim to make this product as cheap as we possibly can whilst fulfilling the product criteria.
  • Anti- corrosive. Whilst Splash doesnt have the longevity of chassis guard by itself it acts as the PERFECT primer for it.
  • High penetration into existing corrosion- Even higher than Chassis guard! Splash will offer some benefit even on dry corrosion.
  • Hydrophobic to shed water and minimise latent moisture build up. NOT STICKY!
  • Easy to remove
  • Non Toxic
  • Fully Biodegradeable (packaging will not initially meet this criteria whilst we work on the core product (bottles are now PCR)
  • Ultra Low VOC.
  • Clear so you visually inspect the substrate
  • Superbv as a short term protection by itself 1>2 months typical.
  • Great as a cavity treatment with great rust penetration and creep, topup with chassis guard after.
  • Drives heavy corrosion from the base steel over time


  • Clear- we have no plans or intention to release a coloured version. This product is aimed squarely at low cost protection vs time. Nothing else.
  • You dont have to use this product. Chassis Guard does not require a primer, but Splash is required for best effectiveness on damp corrosion.


  • Remove any mud
  • Heavier corrosion can be removed to increase product penetration, or can be left and topped up later on be aware that large lumps of rust (delamination) can come off and not be fully penetrated. If you treat a vehicle with lumps of rust, ensure you inspect and topup more often whilst the corrosion is driven off the base metal by Chassis Guard over time.
  • Apply liberally to damp / wet areas. Splash will drive off the moisture in beads until it cures full dry. You can then top coat with chassis guard as per normal.

We generally recommend 1:2 ratio of splash. 1 Splashy, for two chassis guard. This is becuase splash covers a little better and you dont tend to need it everywhere. 1:1 is fine if you want to be as thorough as possible.



Will Splash work with Lanoguard and other, lanolin coatings?

Whilst we have tested Splash with several "lano" coatings we have not gone through a full compliance check of all scenarios. Therefore we recommend Splash for Chassis Guard, however, we have had 100% success in use for opther coatings like lano Oil / solvent based coatings, as well as wax oils. Splash has not yet been tested with Lanopaint. In theory should be fine, but its a different chemical base again, so hold off on use for that one until further notice.


Can i use Splash with Zero Prep?

Zero Prep (UP) has its own dewatering action built in. SO there is no need to use this coating there.

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