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Zero Prep Underbody Preservation Satin Aerosol

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Zero Prep Underbody Preservation Satin Aerosol

Buzzweld U.P. Underbody preservation is a borosilicate glass re-enforced underbody clear lacquer with exceptional anti-corrosive properties..

UP Underbody Preservation Chassis Care Ceramic

U.P. is specifically formulated so that it can be applied to a wet surface that has had minimal preparation.  U.P. will offer short to medium term protection above that of oils, and other waxes at low preparation levels.

Benefits include

  1. Clear- U.P. does not hide existing issues. you can spot problems as they occur and maintain accordingly.
  2. LOW reactivity. U.P. is compatible with most existing paints and treatments making it ideal as a Patina Preserver, and a topup protection system.
  3. EXTREME creep from absorbtion, as well as capillary action. 
  4. U.P. flows in between spot welds, and absorbs into corrosion forcing out the residual moisture and air, suffocating the ability for corrosion to continue.
  5. COST EFFECTIVE. U.P. 1000ML Schultz tin will treat up to a larger 4x4
  6. TIME effective. a U.P. underbody treatment can be completed in as little as 2 hours.
  7. FAST CURE. U.P. can be touch dry in as little as 30 minutes.
  8. High temperature tolerance. Survives on the exhaust system up to but not including the downpipe.
  9. Forces out moisture from wiring looms, and electrical connectors.
  10. Presents an easy to clean, hydrophobic surface.
  11. Vehicle underbody stays dryer for longer, and holds less water in adverse conditions.
  12. does not wash off or evaporate
  13. TOUGH- Difficult to remove even with a 155C steam cleaner
  14. Dries properley, does not wash away, or attract dirt/ debris
  15. Makes maintenance work ALOT easier- cleaner, drier, less rust.
  16. EASY to weld, or prepare an area that has been treated.

We estimate the lifespan of U.P. conservatively to be between 12 and 36 months to first maintenance. This is based on the level of prep you do, and more importantly the existing condition.

Minimum prep requirements for U.P. is to wash down the vehicle underbody, and apply. You can apply U.P. whilst the vehicle is still wet.

Recommendations to improve U.P. longevity.

  1. Clean. the cleaner the underbody the better.
  2. wet. we recommend you use an air blow gun, or take the vehicle for a short drive prior to application where possible to remove excessive amounts of trapped water.
  3. steam cleaner. very effective at removing existng loose paint, and contamination. the more U.P. that is in contact with the vehicle, and not over existing oils, dirt, flakey paint etc, the better it will protect your vehicle.
  4. On poorly sealed vehicles we recommend you air the vehicle interior to remove solvents during the curing process. Modern vehicles will not typically require this.

Please NOTE-

  • Applying to a wet surface can lead to streaking in the finish, and water bubble "drips" at the bottom. only apply to a wet vehicle if the finish is unimportant to you. A second coat may be necessary if excessive water was left on the chassis prior to coating. If water bubbles occur, using a gloved hand wipe over them, and spray those areas back in as part of your second coat.
  • Colours are not available in the hand sprayers as yet, as it is a thinner version, and the colour can drop. We hope to release the coloured hand sprayers soon.

We recommend the FX11 Schultz gun for U.P. as it atomises better, and has much better access than a standard schultz gun. Also works with PCL, and IM gun. IM Gun offers the most control and access.

UP Underbody Preservation Chassis Care Ceramic

Product Types
1000ml Paint Tin
Normal paint tin for brush / roller / thinning and spraying

1000ML Schutz Undercoating Tin
Stubby Schutz Tin. These tins work with our FX10 Spraygun & FX11 Spraygun. The gun screws directly on. To use a normal Schutz gun with a stubby schutz tin, you need to trim the pickup tube 75mm shorter.

5000ml Paint Tin
Normal paint tin for brush / roller / thinning and spraying

400ML Aerosol (traditional)
Traditional aerosol loaded with DTM RAL9005.

400ML Buzzweld Powercan
The Aerosol powercan uses NO THINNER. as a result the can outputs the same amount of paint as a spraygun. This means less coats, a much higher film build and time saved. HOWEVER- the cans empty themselves very quickly. Protection VS coverage. When using a powercan you need to spray from further away. This can can also be used as a textured bedliner spray (comes with two nozzles).
As with any coating we recommend goggles, gloves, and a decent mask such as an A1P2

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