Schutz Underseal, and Stubby Schutz Explained

Thursday, 3 February 2022

Schutz Underseal Explained

I know, I know. You're thinking to yourself, "Another one of those car care articles? Do I really need to read this?" But trust me, this is not your average car care article. This is an article about Schutz Underseal - a product that you definitely need in your life if you own a car! Schutz Underseal is the secret to keeping your car looking new for years to come, and today I'm going to tell you all about it. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn some seriously awesome stuff about car care! :)

Schutz Underseal Explained

Stubby Schutz Explained

Last year, for the first time ever we hit major supply issues of schutz tins. Throw in Covid and ever changing supply lines along with those pesky suppliers—we were hitting some bumps on this journey that needed attention ASAP! Luckily stubby Schutz come straight from our new UK partner so they're always good stock, and we have over a years worth of stock for the tops. As luck would have it (and because ye olde world is just too difficult) there happened upon such an intriguing solution: Introducing Buzzweld's new line-up called "Stubby Schutz!"

Stubby schutz is a shorter, wider can that helps us avoid a 6 month lead time, increased costs, and keeps you our customers supplied.

I have created an FAQ below to address common questions you might have on the new format and how it affects everyone.

Stubby Schutz has several advantages over standard schutz tins. They are not as tall, so are better for tight access areas, the mount location has been offset so that you can rotate the body of the tin away from one side to gain improved access, combined with the FX11 gun you now have 3D control of where the tin is in relation to the gun handle. Additionally there is no price increase and we can continue to supply you!

a standard schutz tin including cap measures 240mm tall x 86mm across with a centralised mounting location for the gun. A Stubby schutz measures 170mm tall x 100mm diameter with an offset gun mounting location

A standard schutz gubn will fit the stubby schutz tin, but you will need to trim 70mm off of th pickup tube. The only exception to this is FX11 guns sold after 05/02/2022 which come with standard schutz and stubby schutz pickup tubes

The fx11 gun purchased on or after 05/02/2022 comes with three tubes. The standard pickup tube, the cavity tube, and the stubby schutz pickup tube.

there are three ways to make an existing FX11 gun work with stubby schutz. 1- trim the current pickup tube by 70mm, 2- trim the cavity lance tube to 140mm, 3-request a stubby pickup tube on your next order from buzzweld, or call in and collect. Tubes are being provided free of charge to previous purchasers of the FX11

Similar to the FX11 gun you can trim the pickup pipe. Retain the offcut, and you use a piece of hose to join it back for use with a standard schutz tin. The FX10 gun is being phased out whilst stocks last.

Our suppliers were unable to maintain supply for a period of over 6 months. As a result we looked at all options, including 40,000 tooling and a 100,000 commitment just for tins. Stubby schutz allows us to continue to sell products, with no supply issues, no price hike, and the ability to keep trading

Only products we tin ourselves will be stubby schutz compatible. So Raptor, FxLiner will remain in standard schutz form. However the FX11 gun, and potentially some new releases will be compatible with both standards.

Stubby schutz is a new format, so guns need the shorter pickup tube. tubes can be cut, or for the FX11 new tubes can be supplied.

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