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WAR Underbody Treatment Rustproofing Guide

How to Protect your 4x4 & Classic with a WAR underbody Rustproofing kit.

Our WAR rustproofing kits are designed to protect your 4x4 and its underbody components. Available in Aerosol, Sprayable Schultz Tins, and in a concentrate with a heavy duty application gun there is a kit suitable for all application methods including Brushing.

Using the below four step guide you can protect your 4x4 for years to come.



Step One - Prepare the 4x4

Steam clean the vehicle underbody, chassis and suspension components.

-Before applying your Buzzweld Rustproofing Kit, Allow the vehicle to dry. You may need to decontaminate/ & degrease the underbody as well.


-Following cleaning the vehicle underbody mask up the areas where you do not want overspray. Use Foil for exhaust and suspension components, and masking tape or zip ties to secure where required.



Step Two - Protect the cavities with Cavity Wax

Using the injection pipe, apply product to all cavities

-Ensure you are wearing suitable PPE. We recommend a facemask, gloves, goggles, and a full body protection coverall.

-Most 4x4's will have one or more cavities to protect. Using the cavity application lance inject the cavity wax. Use the extension nozzle to access all areas such as body and chassis cavities.


Step Three -  Rustproof the underbody and chassis exterior

Apply the product to the underside of the vehicle. 

-Apply the products in cross coats of 90 degrees whether applying by brush, roller or spray so that you get a uniform even finish. 


Step Four -  Remove masking tape, check for overspray and allow to cure.

Ensure your products are cured and dry prior to using the vehicle.

-Please note that many products will be dry to touch within a few hours, but can take up to a week in colder climates to go hard dry, so use the vehicle accordingly.

-Inspection and maintenance should be performed based on useage but we would recommend you visually inspect the vehicle 1 month after application, and then at 6 month intervals. 





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