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DTM Direct to Metal Paint

Product Description

DTM is a direct to metal coating that needs no top coat or lacquer. Satin in finish, this paint is durable like a bedliner,  very cost effective, and can come in any colour. Saving you further money on it can be purchased in schutz tins, drums, all sorts.

Good for

  • Protecting ramps, containers, and more
  • Used as a cost effective bedliner
  • Smooth sprayed for satin silky finish bodywork resprays
  • Used as a military paint

Suitable for

  • Bare metal
  • Keyed alumium
  • keyed zinc plated metals
  • existing paint (keyed, and test patch)
  • bodywork
  • underbody
  • gates, railings / garden furniture
  • Application to keyed powdercoat

Poor for

  • Direct to medium to heavy rust (descale and use RE or 2K Armour)


  • Ensure surface is clean, dry, free of grease and dirt.
  • Key the existing paint or metal using abrasives (leave nothing shiny, or dusty)
  • If bare ferrous metal, brush apply stripe coat, and then two schutz coats, one airless coat, or two brush coats. for aerosol, use four coats
  • if already coated / protected 1>2 coats vi any means to achieve desired finish


  • Airless, or air-assisted airless, spray: output fluid pressure at tip 1800-2500 psi (for airless), Tip Size 11-17 thou (0.28-0.43 mm)
  • Conventional spray: typical atomising pressure 50-65 psi,1.8mm tip size. Thinning of 5-10% may be required. Multiple coats may be required to achieve recommended dft
  • Stubby Schutz spray- Apply neat, 45>75psi


  • Works with most existing coatings
  • When mixing paints of unknown type, do a test patch first to check for reactions and adhesion

Notable attributes

  • Hard wearing
  • Cost effective
  • Tintable
  • no isocyanates
  • high adhesion
  • Tough
  • Durable

DTM Direct To Metal Paint Product

DTM Direct To Metal Paint Explained

DTM Direct To Metal Paint TDS

DTM Direct To Metal Paint MSDS



I'm assuming DTM on bodywork will still be significantly harder wearing than a normal car paint job though?
Whilst DTM is a single pack "all in one bedliner", it is very tough, and will stand up far better than a normal paint. For maximum durability apply with a texture.
Is DTM Paint prep work the same as for Raptor?
It is similar. DTM doesnt require a primer for most bare metals. However all surfaces should be scuffed and ready to accept paint. See the DTM TDS for more information.
What is the shelf life of the paint once the colour is added?
Adding colour, or having DTM come mixed with colour does not alter its pot life. Being a single pack product the pot life is around 1>2 years, until applied. However, the product should be resealed in its container wherever possible, and not left to slowly cure in the tin.
Can I use a little every now and again (I'm thinking maybe do the door shuts one day, and other fiddly bits before the rest of the van)?
Yes you can. DTM being single pack, is mix and apply. No pot life to deal with, and you can stop and start as you please.
What is the drying time?
Drying times are in the TDS, (link above). typically dust free in 20>30 minutes, and touch dry in 30>60 minutes
Does DTM take days to fully harden like Raptor?
Most paints take arund 2 weeks to fully hard cure. Although most including DTM are useable within a day or so, caution should be used until a longer period has passed.