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Rust Encapsulator Chassis

Rust Encapsulator Chassis
Rust Encapsulator ChassisRust Encapsulator ChassisRust Encapsulator ChassisRust Encapsulator Chassis

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Brand:  Buzzweld

Angle Sander kit | General Chassis PreparationAngle Sander kit | General Chassis Preparation
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Buzzweld's Rust encapsulator combats corrosion, and its ability to return by tackling the causes of corrosion in several ways.


Rust Encapsulator is a development of our previous products, such as RCP (Rust Control Primer), FCP (Fast Cure Primer), and FE (Fluid Etch). we have combined the strengths of these three products into one taking the corrosion stabilisation from RCP, the cure time and compatibility from FCP, and the adhesion and durability of Fluid etch to create a product that is a world ahead of any primer we have offered to date.


Suitable for use as a high adhesion primer for other products like Chassis paints, Underseals, waxes, and other automotive coatings as part of a Rustproofing Solution.

  • By stabilising corrosion from Fe203 (rust), to magnetite we remove the reactivity of not only the corrosion itself, but we reduce it BELOW that of bare steel. This means even if you removed our coating, the stabilised corrosion will degrade at a REDUCED rate vs bare steel. By doing this we reduce the ability of the part you are protecting to degrade further.


  • Rust Encapsulator is infused with Glass Flake. Upon application the flake will spread throughout the coating, prior to setting. What you are left with is a coating with evenly spaced toughened glass particles. These not only massively increase abrasive resistance and hardness, but they also create a convoluted path through the coating that moisture, and contaminents will have to travel to re activate the corrosion, add to that the corrosion will have been stabilised by the above, and you now have three layers of protection from a single coating.


  • Rust Encapsulator does not suffer from porousity, so you can protect without the requirement to then protect the primer saving money.


  • Minimal Prep. Remove loose rust/ paint, degrease and apply.


  • Rust Encapsulator is compatible with most top coats.


  • High adhesion, semi self-etching can be used under and over body fillers, under lacquer, enamels, urethanes, most fast cure coatings.

  • High build so will fill in small preparation and substrate defects.


  • Will not fail due to UV degredation


  • ZERO rust creep product. One of the fastest ways for corrosion to beat oxides, zinc, and otehr coatings is to blister and force the coating off. Rust Encapsulator is specifically designed to stop this, which means not only are you protected, but if perforation does occur, the damage is localised and limited from spreading.


  • VERY fast cure. touch dry in as little as 15 minutes.


  • Always apply minimum two coats.
Average Rating (14 Reviews):  

possible more than 4 stars, but it's early days
Monday, 3 February 2020  | 

400ml can is just enough to do one Land Rover Series 3 axle. Coverage is pretty good and it dries quickly. I was using it in 6-10 degrees C and it was touch dry in 15 minutes or so.
Having had to grind some back, to allow for welding I needed to do, it also appeared to have stuck well.
I'll be buying more.

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chassis rust prevention spray
Monday, 27 January 2020  | 

fantastic product, easy to apply, not sure about long lasting yet but very hopeful, would order from here again

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Good stuff
Thursday, 9 January 2020  | 

Used as a base coat after under seal removal and welding repairs. With surface conditioning and paint prep used over everything from scuffed original paint, bare metal, pitted metal and weld trough primer and everything in between. The adhesion and cover is excellent and standard 2k paint over the top works without issue.

Not able to comment on long term protection yet but feel confident based on the other reviews

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Defender Chassis - 2 years on
Monday, 6 January 2020  | 

Back in November 2017 I set about the task of stripping back and protecting my Defender 110 chassis.
After some great advise from Craig I decided to use Rust Encapsulator and WAR.
After steam cleaning, I spent a whole week of evenings cleaning and preparing the chassis, mainly with wire wheels and a needle gun. I then applied the primer of Rust Encapsulator and top coat of WAR. I was very impressed with the finish and I felt happy that my chassis was finally protected.
There were however a few areas that didnít receive as much attention as I would have liked, mainly around the fuel tank, as I didnít want to remove the tank at the time.

Two years later, I decided to replace the tank and give the area a proper clean. I decided to re-do the sides of the chassis where the tank mounts, as they only had a slight clean and a dusting of RE and WAR due to limited access with the tank fitted. I used my needle gun to remove the WAR and was very impressed to find Rust Encapsulator still very well stuck to the chassis, it took quite a hammering before it was removed and the metal beneath was in very good condition.
Other areas that have been damaged due to knocks and scrapes have only ever exposed the Rust Encapsulator and have remained in good condition before being touched up with WAR.

All in all, I am very impressed with both products and have since recommended Buzzweld to anyone looking for a quality rust prevention.

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great product
Monday, 6 January 2020  | 

really easy to apply and gives a great finish. cio sticks very well to it

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Best primer!
Monday, 6 January 2020  | 

I use this on anything steel based after blasting and it gives a great finish ready for the top coat! Could not be happier with it.

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great stuff
Saturday, 5 October 2019  | 

Really good all round product, has great coverage and its tough, i have applied direct to new welds and not had any rust show itself yet. I think the only limitation is the rattle can as its hard to get mix the paint well and get a decent pressure on all angles. The cap can easily block so i blow it out with an airline every time.

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A Must use product
Wednesday, 18 September 2019  | 

Albeit WAR and CIO having the capacity to be applied direct to rust this adds a significantly awesome layer of protection to corroded and non corroded areas, I have previously used RCP so this was a dream in comparison for user friendliness. The finish is beyond good, I do prefer to use the schultz tins applied with the fx11 gun you can achieve wonderful results and finishes

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Tin Failed
Saturday, 10 August 2019  | 

The product is great, love it but the cap on the second tin I used failed with about half left in it tried another cap but that didnít do anything either it just leaked at the top.

Very pleased with what I did get done though.

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Good product
Sunday, 9 June 2019  | 

Goes on quite thick bit seems to flatten out very well and go off quickly ive only put a first coat on up to now as i didnt order enough so time will tell hopefully its another added protection to my chassis as its not in to bad a condition for being over twenty years old

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  • 1 can per wheel arch
  • 10 cans for a small chassis 
  • 10 cans for a large chassis (if using a primer)
  • 18 cans for a large chassis no primer


  • 10m2/1000ML
  • 2500ML for a chassis and axles up to 110 size (we tend to use 4>5 Liters)
  • 10m2/1000ML if top coating a primer with a smooth substrate
  • 7m2/1000ML if top coating a rough substrate with no primer
  • 500ML per average wheel arch (using two coats)

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