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STANDARD WAR 6600ml Chassis Coloured Kit

STANDARD WAR 6600ml Chassis Coloured Kit
STANDARD WAR 6600ml Chassis Coloured KitSTANDARD WAR 6600ml Chassis Coloured KitSTANDARD WAR 6600ml Chassis Coloured Kit

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Our Price:  £220.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£183.33 Exc. VAT)Earn 220 Loyalty Points

Brand:  Buzzweld


This kit will treat the full chassis INSIDE AND OUT on even a larger 4x4. a truly UNIVERSAL kit that wont wash off like a wet wax, or take on dirt and debris making it a nightmare to work on.



Buzzweld's wheel arch refinement has been designed, tweaked, tested, and changed on a near constant basis to satisfy what we see as a big gap in the market.

This Kit contains

  • 6x1000ML tins of W.A.R. advanced underbody Schultz wax, and the gun to apply it both internally and externally. This kit is enough for almost all 4x4 chassis.
  • 1x Schutz Gun

W.A.R. is a tough, touch dry, impact and abrasive resistant underbody coating. W.A.R has a number of unique or premium features that ensure it will outlast a wet wax, and even many coatings, all the while being incredibly simple and convenient to apply and use.


  • Tough black wax with superb coverge
  • Wets out correctly, expelling moisture, and air from existing corrosion halting degradation.
  • Direct to rust treatment
  • Stabilises existing rust with Premium compounds for maximum longevity
  • Self heals
  • Resists damage
  • Will not absorb road dirt, and salts
  • Highly resistant to pressure washing, road spray, and general automotive use.
  • Resistant to many chemicals in reasonable concentrations
  • Will adhere to almost any surface with minimal preperation including Galv, aluminium, stainless, plastics, rubber (for best adhesion you should degrease, and key the surface)
  • Remains Highly flexible even at lower temperatures
  • Low viscosity on initial application deeply penetrates rust, and 
  • Su[perb as a cavity wax
  • Highly resistant to failure from contamination
  • Kits come with a 600ML Tint pot. Add 100ML to each WAR tintable schutz, then shake and spray.
  • If you want "dark black" war order colour "RAL9005"


  1. Fx11 gun is a better gun than the standard metal gun we include. see here for more information.
  2. Multi-Thinner allows you to thin down one of the tins by simply topping it up, and shaking. This allows you to inject the wax into the cavities.
  3. Sound Deadening, Thermal Insulator, Resonance Suppression. WAR has very good insulating properties, and can still be used as a rustproofing product at the same time. Add this option to upgrade war with these unique features.


  • Vehicle chassis and frame
  • Wheel arches, and hard to reach areas
  • Suspension components including leaf and coil springs
  • Penetrating and sealing spot welded sections such as inner arch struts that harbour moisture between spot welds
  • Door cavities and internal panel areas
  • Bulkhead cavities, and unfinished areas behind binnacles
  • To prevent galvanic corrosion
  • body mounts and areas that you are not able to fully disasemble

Full compatibility with our cavity lance.


W.A.R. Full Product Guide here

When ordering 1,6 & 12 quantities of W.A.R. with a lance we include 1 lance in any of these packs as that is sufficient to apply. To clear the lance after use invert the can and press lance nozzle for a few seconds until clear.

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