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Finding Colours


So your approaching the point where colour is one of the last major decisions you will need to make on your restoration/ project and are out of ideas.


Here are a number of useful links, and how we can help you use those colours to great effect.

Products that can be coloured are often referred to as "tintable".

We currently offer, or have in development the following tintable products.

W.A.R. Wheel Arch Refinement

Quora 1K enamel

Quora 1k VHT Aerosol

Quora 1k Enamel Aerosol

Raptor Bedliner

Raptor Shots

Quora 2K Aerosols


Buzzweld Bedliner Aerosol

Plastic Paint Aerosol

For these products you will want to find a colour. here are a number of resources to help you with that.

RAL Colour


For the RAL Classic colour chart (view):


*Note that all colours on screen can vary widely based on several factors including the product you have specified the colour in, the camera used, and the screen you are viewing it on.

Chris English
26 March 2019  |  14:58

I wish to request some tint for my raptor tintable paint I bought from you a few months ago, ideally in this code 504E25 Hex Colour Code.

Can you create this for me?



27 March 2019  |  16:00

Hi Chris. Yes we can. You can order Upol Raptor Bedliner colours here

Chris English
28 March 2019  |  18:24


Can seem to get to the correct area, I want a British Army colour as mentioned above or RC042 PFI which is BRITISH ARMY DARK OLIVE GREEN. I need a enough to add to my tintable Raptor paint already got from you.

Ill telephone if prefer.



15 June 2019  |  10:09

HI Chris, Not sure if we dealt with this, but when ordering Upol Raptor Bedliner, or any other tinted paint, put all the relevant details you have in the box, and if we have any issues we will contact you. thanks.

Carol Grainger
22 July 2019  |  14:49

Hi Chris did you sort that colour you wanted I think I need the same.

Kevin McDonagh
28 September 2020  |  15:51

I am looking for an enamel paint for my chassis that is a match for John deere green, can you facilitate

Danny Fletcher
05 May 2021  |  9:48

Just wondered how much 20l of fern green 6025 raptor woul be thanks13

Jules Harvey
28 January 2022  |  14:55

Hi, spoke to Craig about getting 1 aerosol tin of Cirrus white for a 1960 Ford Anglia, colour code AP. If this turns out to be a match, I'll be getting some more. Thanks.

28 January 2022  |  16:53

HI Jules

Thank you for your order, will hopefully sort Monday but any issues will be in touch.

John Brooks
11 September 2022  |  9:51

Hi considering painting my Hymer b544 (two colours) ive worked out roughly 90m2 how much coverage does a litre cover so I can workout how much I would need T.I.A

26 September 2022  |  16:09

HI John, Coverage of the paint will depend on product chosen, colour, and application method. Best give us a call 01454537637