How to apply Garage Floor Paint

Monday, 20 January 2020  |  Admin

Protect Your Garage Floor with Reinforced Glass Flake Paint

One of the quickest ways for your garage or workshop to go from professional looking to messy is the floor. Too often, things get spilled, chipped, and dropped—all of which can stain or damage the ground. Nothing makes a garage look run down faster than oil stains and chips in the ground.

This is why reinforced floor paint is so important for any area that needs to be durable and look good doing it. Whether you are dealing with a car garage, a workshop, or maintenance area, reinforced floor paint makes for a clean floor that looks sharp and professional. The proper floor paint can give you a workspace that you can take pride in.

Our Garage Floor Paint will give you the highest quality durable floor paint around. Usable on nearly any surface to include concrete, our product is a polyurethane paint combined with a borosilicate glass mixture making it exceptionally damage and abrasion resistant.

What is Borosilicate Glass?

The key to our Garage Floor Paint is that it is embedded with borosilicate glass. You may have heard the term used before in cookware or science class. While normal glass is brittle and can shatter, borosilicate glass is specially treated with boric oxide with silica.

These two extra ingredients convert normal glass into a new substance that is less dense than normal glass, has a much higher melting point, is more resistant to extreme temperature changes (it does not expand or contract in heat and cold), and is chemically inert—meaning it won’t corrode, damage the environment, or absorb chemicals.

While all of these features make borosilicate glass great for scientific lab work and the food industry, its properties make it especially useful for floor protection in areas that need to be extra durable.

Why Mix Polyurethane Paint with Borosilicate Glass?

Most paints that are designed to provide a durable surface are polyurethane based. This provides a clear, rubbery-feeling coat over the surface you are trying to protect. Polyurethane on its own is great for sealing things like tables, chairs, and other furniture. However, polyurethane paint can still take wear and damage. For example, it you drop something onto a wood table treated with polyurethane, the coating can be penetrated and the wood will still chip—and now your sealed surface has a puncture in it.

When you are dealing with flooring that is going to take a beating—cars moving onto and off of it, tools being used, objects being dropped and dragged on it—polyurethane paint alone will not be enough and is just going to wear off far too quickly. This is why our Garage Floor Paint is thoroughly mixed with flakes of borosilicate glass. This mixture creates a hardened matrix in the paint that resists damage and abrasion far more than ordinary sealers and polyurethane paints are capable of.

How Do You Apply the Garage Floor Paint and How Long Does it Take to Cure?

The great thing about our Garage Floor Paint is that it requires no extra work or effort for all that additional protection. You can use it on a roller, a brush, or in a sprayer just like other paints.

First, properly prepare your floor like you would for other paint jobs. Make sure the entire surface is clean, dry, and swept clear of any contaminates. If there is already a coat of paint on the floor, make sure it isn’t flaking and has good adhesion. If your floor is power-floated, be sure to acid etch it or clean it with an abrasive cleaner.

Once the floor is ready, apply a sealing coat by thinning the Garage Floor Paint 30% and let it dry overnight. After that, you should apply one to two additional, non-thinned coats. All it takes is one more night and your floor will be good to use. Once it’s done, your floor will have a sharp, professional look to it with a smooth, mid-grey coloring.


Floors can be an extreme pain to fix when they get damaged—if you can fix it at all. Applying a heavy duty protective layer is an easy way to prevent all of that headache while improving the value and quality of your workspace. Never let concern for your floor get in the way of your projects and work again. Take pride in how your garage looks and rest easy in the knowledge that your floor can handle whatever you give it. Order Buzzweld’s Garage Floor Paint today.

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