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ProXL Automotive Refinishing products

ProXL Automotive Refinishing products

ProXL Origins can be traced back to 2004 when Jim the Owner would go around deliveing paint to local bodyshops from the back of a van. fast foirward 4 years anbd the ProXL brand was launched. Working with industry leading partners, and Jim's team the ProXL brand has gone from strength to strength moving to a new purpose built premises in 2021 where the ProXL brand has now grown to a portfolio of products form Aerosols and bodyfiller, to adhesives and primers. The ProXL range now consists of over 185 products, and covers the following areas:-

  • Preparation
  • Primers & Fillers
  • Plastic Repair
  • Wheel Repair
  • Clearcoats
  • Finish & Polish
  • Paint additives & Thinners
  • Sealants & Stonechip
  • Glue's sealers & Foams
  • Industrial coatings
  • Sanitisation

With such a huge range & market leading quality ProXL Automotive Refinishing products has established itself as the go to choice.


Why Buzzweld Chooses ProXL

Buzzweld Chooses ProXL primarily due to Quality. As a result of our partnership with proXL our primary conern for our customers is quality.


In a world where chocolate bars are shrinking, modern vehicles are increasingly "disposable", and there is a profliferation of low quality products, we buck that trend with our own range of high quality products and re enforce that with our partnership with ProXL. Starting out from similalry small beginnings, we have focused on delivering quality products that customers want, but not at the expense of value of for money. Its a hard thing to balance in an ever shiufting industry, but by working with market leading compoanies like ProXL we have thje ability to offer a complete range, and alterantives to our own offerings. This keeps us competitive and pushes us to do better for our customers.

ProXL Automotive Refinishing products is the first company to be fully integrated into our new AI based CRM system that helps us maintian service standards from stock and ordering, to quality control and order dispatch. With thuis new system we continue to build our product catalogue from ProXL and maintian the high levels of servuice our customers have come to expect.


The top 3 Pro XL products

With such a vast range of products how do we choose our top 3 ProXL products? We use ALL of them. we buck the trenms of paint sellers and EVERYTHING in our shop is / has been used by staff. here is our top 3 ProXL Products:-

With 2K products costing up to 300% more than 1K, and there being a need for a high performance primer for body repair, ProXL bucked the trend and delivered this whopper of a product! Cheap, Large 500ML capacity, SUPERB covering power, with high adhesion and a fast cure. ProXL 1K Epoxy is a must have product reducing your costs, turn around times, and delivering on that promise of high quality but not at the expensive of extra cost.

We like to use this Epoxy primer with a bedliner coating. having tested thius coating thoroughly with other paints we find it extremely comptible with a whole manner of coatings making it an ideal stock item espeically for DIY use where you will not want a 2K product. 

ProXl 1K Epoxy primer compliments our own offering 1K speed primer by offering a higher capacity and industry standard grey primer colour. For other colours see 1K speed prime.


Ultrafill Bodyfiller is a range of Fillers covering every aspect of application needed. Our favourite is the medium filler as it covers all manner of requirements, and is a great genberal purpose filler. Sands well, cures well, and importantly is incredibly cost effective for those larger jobs. ProXL Ultrafill Medium Bodyfiller compliments the large range of automotive refinishing coatings and accessories we offer, and  helps establish Buzzweld a distributor that can provide everything you need under one roof.


Coating Plastic usually involves a low surface tnesion coating (think thin coating). What ProXL have done here is combine a low surface tension coating with BUILD, and a higher vioscosity. The two are incommensurate in that the coating is difficult engineer. Its a superb product that jsut works, and there are few alternative available for this great product. Also useful on items liek sun damaged plastiucs where the surface has been degraded and needs a higher build coating to maks defects of parts that are not replaceable.

ProXL Pro Textured Black Aerosol Bumper Spray sits well alongside our PIO Plastics in one much the same way ProXL 1K Epoxy and 1K speed primer do. PIO offers any colour, and great adhesion but does not have the texture of build ability of Pro Tex. As a result we yet again find ourselves where ProXL proiducts continue to bring more to the table aloingside our existing even if similar offerings.


We specialise in offering all manner of caotings in different finishes, colours, and by method of application, ensuring that whilst what may seem daunting to start with, we can offer you a near bespoke solution to your coating problem, instead of having to fight through with an off the shelf standard item, using other coatings and processes to achieve at best the saem result. Whats more as above, we use every item in our shop, so can share that first hand knowledge. With proXL we are backed up by a fast delviery system, and great suppoirt so that we can continue to offer this service across the ProXl range.



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