Land Rover Paint Colour Codes

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Land Rover Paint Colour Codes

Do you know your car's paint code? No, not the licence plate number – the paint code. It's a little known fact that almost all cars have a specific colour code that corresponds to their make and model. So what's your Land Rover colour code? Believe it or not, there is one! And we're going to show you how to find it. Ready to take a look? Keep reading for more information.


What does a Land Rover paint code look like?
Land Rover paint codes generally start "LRC". An example colour would be LRC001. This can be written as LRC001 or LRC 001. You will find a code like this on your vehicle identification plate in the location mentioned above.
What does "LRC" stand for in my paint colour code?
LRC stands for Land Rover Colour. This is usually followed by three digits which denotes the colour itself.
Where do Land Rover colours come from?
Most colours for the paint on a land rover are formulated by land rover. However, previously they have been known to use BS381 (British Standard) colours, especially on series and military vehicles. Some Land Rover colours can be substituted with Ral Paint colours as well
What colours Paints can i buy for my landrover?
The full range of landrover paints are available in everything from a traditional coach enamel and underseal, to a glossy chassis paint, or house paint.
Can i get Land Rover Paint in Aerosols?
Land rover paint aerosols are available from the Buzzweld website.
Can i get Land Rover Paint in Tins?
Land rover paint aerosols are available from the Buzzweld website.


Land Rover Paint can be purchased here

Colour Code Colour Name  Aerosols
LRC001  Deep Bronce Green LRC001 Deep Bronce Green Aerosols
ROV391  Bordeaux Red ROV391 Bordeaux Red Aerosols
LRC390  Portofino LRC390 Portofino Aerosols
LRC607  Rutland Red LRC607 Rutland Red Aerosols
ROV394  Racing Red ROV394 Racing Red Aerosols
ROV390  Brigade Red ROV390 Brigade Red Aerosols
ROV3005  Blaze Red ROV3005 Blaze Red Aerosols
ROV3004  Poppy Red ROV3004 Poppy Red Aerosols
ROV3264  Carnelian/Tartan Red ROV3264 Carnelian/Tartan Red Aerosols
LRC296  Masai Red LRC296 Masai Red Aerosols
ROV3563  Freight Red ROV3563 Freight Red Aerosols
ROV392  Masai Red ROV392 Masai Red Aerosols
LRC590  Monza Red,2C LRC590 Monza Red,2C Aerosols
LRC701  Blaze LRC701 Blaze Aerosols
LRC301  Venetian Red LRC301 Venetian Red Aerosols
LRC440  Venetian Red LRC440 Venetian Red Aerosols
ACA  Mexico Brown ACA Mexico Brown Aerosols
LRC761  Tangiers Orange,2C LRC761 Tangiers Orange,2C Aerosols
CCA  Paprika CCA Paprika Aerosols
ROV238  Paprika ROV238 Paprika Aerosols
ROV878  Russet Brown ROV878 Russet Brown Aerosols
ROV831  Brazilia ROV831 Brazilia Aerosols
LRC004  Sand LRC004 Sand Aerosols
LRC361  Buff/Sand Glow LRC361 Buff/Sand Glow Aerosols
ROV7084  Palomino ROV7084 Palomino Aerosols
ROV7421  Freight Beige ROV7421 Freight Beige Aerosols
LRC433  Arran LRC433 Arran Aerosols
ROV816  Tobacco Leaf ROV816 Tobacco Leaf Aerosols
ROV891  Aran Beige ROV891 Aran Beige Aerosols
LRC559  A A Yellow LRC559 A A Yellow Aerosols
LRC584  AA Yellow LRC584 AA Yellow Aerosols
ROV1527  Freight Yellow ROV1527 Freight Yellow Aerosols
757  Borrego Yellow,2C 757 Borrego Yellow,2C Aerosols
ROV152  Bahama Gold ROV152 Bahama Gold Aerosols
LRC757  Borrego Yellow,2C LRC757 Borrego Yellow,2C Aerosols
ROV1064  Inca Yellow ROV1064 Inca Yellow Aerosols
LRC302  Shetland Beige LRC302 Shetland Beige Aerosols
LRC374  Cornish Cream LRC374 Cornish Cream Aerosols
LRC007  Limestone LRC007 Limestone Aerosols
ROV1002  Daytona Yellow ROV1002 Daytona Yellow Aerosols
FCE  Yellow FCE Yellow Aerosols
ROV1120  Yellow ROV1120 Yellow Aerosols
ROV161  Almond ROV161 Almond Aerosols
ROV1039  Tumeric ROV1039 Tumeric Aerosols
LRC702  Daytona Yellow LRC702 Daytona Yellow Aerosols
ROV446  White ROV446 White Aerosols
LRC333  S S F Grey,Mat LRC333 S S F Grey,Mat Aerosols
ROV1001  Sumatra Yellow ROV1001 Sumatra Yellow Aerosols
LRC354  Chamonix White LRC354 Chamonix White Aerosols
ROV4331  Freight White ROV4331 Freight White Aerosols
ROV445  New White ROV445 New White Aerosols
ROV7007(L)  Sahara Dust ROV7007(L) Sahara Dust Aerosols
ROV151  April Yellow ROV151 April Yellow Aerosols
LRC237  Sahara Dust LRC237 Sahara Dust Aerosols
ROV6083  Avocado ROV6083 Avocado Aerosols
ROV7053  Lunar Grey ROV7053 Lunar Grey Aerosols
ROV6002  M.O.D. Green,Mat ROV6002 M.O.D. Green,Mat Aerosols
ROV6001  M.O.D.Green ROV6001 M.O.D.Green Aerosols
ROV6057  Deep Olive ROV6057 Deep Olive Aerosols
LRC419  Eastnor LRC419 Eastnor Aerosols
HCC  Deep Bronze Green HCC Deep Bronze Green Aerosols
LRC001  Ascot Bronze Green LRC001 Ascot Bronze Green Aerosols
ROV6058  Deep Bronze Green ROV6058 Deep Bronze Green Aerosols
LRC232  Warwick Green LRC232 Warwick Green Aerosols
LRC233  Lincoln Green LRC233 Lincoln Green Aerosols
ROV6003  Atlantic Green ROV6003 Atlantic Green Aerosols
ROV6458  Freight Green ROV6458 Freight Green Aerosols
LRC005  Light Green LRC005 Light Green Aerosols
ROV6084  Pastelgreen ROV6084 Pastelgreen Aerosols
LRC637  Coniston Olive,2C LRC637 Coniston Olive,2C Aerosols
ROV6139  Bronze Green ROV6139 Bronze Green Aerosols
LRC570  Coniston LRC570 Coniston Aerosols
ROV678  Cameron Green ROV678 Cameron Green Aerosols
ROV680  Sage Green ROV680 Sage Green Aerosols
ROV6059  Amazonas Green ROV6059 Amazonas Green Aerosols
ROV756  Belize Green ROV756 Belize Green Aerosols
ROV677  Arden Green ROV677 Arden Green Aerosols
LRC325  Trident Green LRC325 Trident Green Aerosols
LRC334  Brooklands Green LRC334 Brooklands Green Aerosols
LRC569  Brooklands Green LRC569 Brooklands Green Aerosols
ROV5004  Zircon Blue ROV5004 Zircon Blue Aerosols
ROV5123  Atlantis Blue ROV5123 Atlantis Blue Aerosols
ROV5093  Tuscan Blue ROV5093 Tuscan Blue Aerosols
LRC006  Marine Blue LRC006 Marine Blue Aerosols
ROV5084  Scarab Blue ROV5084 Scarab Blue Aerosols
LRC327  Tasman/Stratos Blue LRC327 Tasman/Stratos Blue Aerosols
LRC348  Cambrian/Slate Grey LRC348 Cambrian/Slate Grey Aerosols
ROV5602  Freight Blue ROV5602 Freight Blue Aerosols
ROV5018(G)  Arles ROV5018(G) Arles Aerosols
LRC392  Shire Blue LRC392 Shire Blue Aerosols
LRC424  Arles LRC424 Arles Aerosols
LRC507  Caledonian Blue LRC507 Caledonian Blue Aerosols
ROV5002  Corsica Blue ROV5002 Corsica Blue Aerosols
ROV5034  Light Navy ROV5034 Light Navy Aerosols
LRC817  Tamar Blue LRC817 Tamar Blue Aerosols
ROV5001  Admiralty Blue ROV5001 Admiralty Blue Aerosols
ROV5437  Cavalary Blue ROV5437 Cavalary Blue Aerosols
ROV5603  Freight Navy ROV5603 Freight Navy Aerosols
ROV796  Burnt Grey ROV796 Burnt Grey Aerosols
LRC456  Savarin LRC456 Savarin Aerosols
ROV4015  Pendelican White ROV4015 Pendelican White Aerosols
LRC603  Chawton White LRC603 Chawton White Aerosols
ROV798  Silver Birch ROV798 Silver Birch Aerosols
LRC273  Artic White LRC273 Artic White Aerosols
ROV444  Davos White ROV444 Davos White Aerosols
LRC008  Mid Grey LRC008 Mid Grey Aerosols
LRC476  Pembroke LRC476 Pembroke Aerosols
ROV681  Sherwood Green ROV681 Sherwood Green Aerosols
ROV7012  Dark Grey ROV7012 Dark Grey Aerosols
LRC416  Beluga,2C LRC416 Beluga,2C Aerosols
ROV4501  Charcoal ROV4501 Charcoal Aerosols

Sunday, 15 May 2022  |  10:14

How do I get a FX Bedliner tint to match 588 Arizona Blue aka JAM/588. Is there an equivalent RAL code?

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HI Hector.Please enter those colour details when ordering online. Any issues we will contact you. Thannks

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