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Tuesday, 29 October 2019  |  Admin

Metallic Effects are used throughout all paint industries, from cosmetic and automotive, to safety, and infrastruture.

The most common use of Metallics is to make a paint finish more aesthetically pleasing.

Metallic effects are most pronounced when they are over a darker background, to the point that most effects have a "deep black" as a base colour, prior to using the actual effect. The reason for this is that the metallic reflects light. If you want to see this effect "more" then you don't want the background competing with it. so a deep black background reflects the lowest amount of light, and the metallic reflects a high percentage of light, thus allowing the effect to stand out or "pop".

we offer a range of finishes, such as metallic copper paint in a coarse finish, or a finer Metallic copper pearl finish.

We also offer the deep black background paint, and the special lacquers for this.

have a browse of our effects paints including Candy, Colourshift, and Luminous, and watch the video's for more information.

Metallic Effects

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