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Plastics In One PIO



So we now do aerosols of Quora colour in most colours such as RAl, Pantone, BS and custom tribute colours like Luca Bluewater here, that are for exterior and interior trim like bumpers, dashboard consoles, and a whole range of plastics, vinyl's and leather.


So here is the process on a Radio Controlled Tamiya Lunchbox refurbishment. This process can be used on dashboards, seats, trim, a whole range of parts.

Products Used

Plastic Paint/ Trim Quora Colour Aerosol (Colour. Lucas Bluewater tribute colour)


Flexible Sanding pads


Remove the body and strip it down to its basic parts.



First thing we need to do is clean it up. A TINY amount of washing up liquid, a new scour, and clean the item up.




Once fully cleaned down, rinse the sponge out thoroughly, and then spend a good 2>3 minutes washing down the item under warm fresh flowing water to remove all traces of the washing up liquid and dirt.



Once cleaned and dried, you will be left with the original finish. This needs Keying in preparation for the Quora colour you have chosen. If you do not Abraid the surface the adhesion of the product will be reduced and damage and chipping will occur easier.




Beware that any mouldings on the item will leave spots that have not been keyed. You will need to pay particular attention to these and use a flexible sanding pads to prepare these areas for painting / spraying.



Shake the can until the agitator ball can be heard, and then shake for a full two minutes.

Spray in the hidden areas first such as on this example the wheel arches, and bottom faces. Allow a short while to cure (in this case 20 minutes).



Position the aerosol 6 inches past the piece you are going to spray. Press the nozzle and in one motion pass the aerosol past the item. Do not release the nozzle until you are past the item. We do this so you do not initiate, or cancel the spraying whilst on the piece, as this can lead to splatter and an uneven finish.



Repeat the process all over the item, building up a good coat, and then allow to cure for at least 30 minutes. You may have sanding, preparation or previous usage marks like we do.



We opted to flat back the first coat to reduce some of the marks and scratches from previous use. (We could of opted for plastic primer, followed by rapid build filler, and then the top coat, but we know this will be getting damaged again so no point making it perfect).



We then sanded back and sprayed the other components using Buzzweld black Bumperspray. 

TIP. Leave any screws and fitting you want colour coding in the item to be sprayed.




Re- assemble the item.



The finished article.



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Francis Condron
01 August 2021  |  17:29

Hi. Weird question but could I use this to respray a shower enclosure? Regards, Frank

24 August 2021  |  19:57

Potentially. Not tried it though!

Calin Podina
10 February 2023  |  20:20

i wonder for a Ducato front plastic bumper to have it spray in white colour...what process it's needed for a long lasting result?

12 March 2023  |  9:12

HI Calin. PIO is great for satin finishes. If that finish suits you, then you would need to scotch and appoly. If the surface is greasy then degrease / wash first.

10 March 2023  |  22:50

Hi, if I spray PIO on car interior carpets and parcel shelf, will it make the soft finish go stiff? Also what grit sanding block would you use to key plastic interior trim panels? Cheers

12 March 2023  |  9:10

Hi Andrew. PIO applied lightly to carpets should work well. Applyiung heavioer will result in increased stiffness within the material, although PIO Plastics Paint is very thin. Interior panels, we use surface abrasive pads

09 May 2023  |  0:59

Hello -
Could this be sprayed onto a Little Tikes Truck and not scratch up? Is it available in the USA? Do I understand, strip off parts, clean with soap and water, and spray on? No primer, no sealer?


25 July 2023  |  16:55

Hi, yes it can. Noty available in the USA sadly unless you imported it. No primer or sealer. degrease, scotch, apply/.