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RAL Colours

Ral Colours

The RAL Colours system is a European color matching which defines colors for paint, coatings and plastics. Admini­strated by the German Institute of Inspection for Product Quality assurance (RAL Deutsches Institut). 'ral' can be translated to English as "National Commission For Delivery Terms And Quality Assurance." This website isn't affiliated with any official organization but rather offers information on standards that are set forth within this country's industry
The newly formed Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung was established back in 1935 through executive order from Adolf Hitler.'

RAL Classic Colours

When the German RAL organization invented 40 colors in 1927, they created a system that is still used today. Prior to this date manufacturers and customers had exchanged color samples for describing tints while now they would rely on numbers only but with constant additions made into their collection through 1961 there became 214 different tones which are known as well remembered names such as "RAL Classic Colours". This was done so people don't get confused when transposing digits afterwords because of how popular these classic shades have become over time!

All RAL Classic Colours are available from buzzweld in Ral Classic Colour Aerosols and Ral Classic Colour Tinned Paints

RAL Design Colours

In 1993, RAL introduced a new color matching system that was tailored to the needs of architects and designers. Ral Design Colours collection includes 1,625 colors - just enough for everyone! The shades in their classic line up don't intersect with those from the design series so there's no need worry about mixing them up or duplicating colours when switching between systems,
RAL is known world-wide for its creativity--and these innovative products prooved yet again why they continue being selected time after time by industry professionals across the globe.

Ral Effect Colours

RAL Effect Colours is a new collection from one of Europe's top paint brands, which features 420 solid colors and 70 metallic shades. With no use made in this product line for heavy metals such as lead or cadmium that are often found on older cars due to their age (and sometimes because they were traded away before these materials became toxic), you can be sure your car will stay looking good long after its manufactured!

RAL Plastics Colours

The only thing better than a beautiful paint color? The perfect plasticity of RAL Plastics Colours! With their multifunctional plates made from polypropylene, these durable and reliable materials ensure that your car's exterior looks as good in real life (or on video) as it does by looking at pictures. For those who want more creative freedom when painting or designing cars with colors for RAL Design Centers have come up trumps - there are now 200 shades available to choose from. Whether you're after classic fundamentals such as black asphalt power blue elderberry red wine Vintage Green, Buzzweld makes them all in PIO Plastics In One

RAL House Paint

RAL House paint is available from Homepaints. They offer the full range of Ral Classic and Ral Design colours, as well as all the top colours as scans from any manufacturer such as farrow & Ball, Sikkens, BSC, Dulux trade and more!