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Sand Blasting

We are proud to announce our FAST BLAST SAND BLASTING SERVICE

With our Bead blaster we forcibly propel glass media for blasting under pressure at a range of items from tarnished plastic dashboards, to rusty fuel tanks. sandblasting paint away .  This Abrasive blasting method removes surface contaminents which cause issues with paint adhering such as grease, as well as provide a profile for the paint (otherwise referred to as a key) for the paint or coating to stick to.

Sand blasting is a more thorough method of preparing a surface for paint as the finish is more uniform. Its also usually faster than using manual preparation tools.

We use a 1200L Sand blast cabinet, 15KW Air Compressor, 2KW Cyclone extraction system to remove contamination that has been blasted off and a 1KW air dryer to remove moisture from the air. We use recycled glass media for a clean surface that leaves the finish with a low level of roughness suitable for many paint finishes.

Our service is ideal if you are combining with purchasing paint. Here's how our sandlasting service works:-

  1. Purchase your sandblasting service
  2. purchase any paints, abrasives, masking, or finishing materials you will need to paint the sand blasted items
  3. Send the items to us, or drop them off at our trade counter
  4. We return your items to you, along with your paint, ready for you to put the final touches on your work.

We also offer a sand / soda blaster that can be used with a normal air compressor.

Sand Blasting