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How To Paint Galvanised Steel and Iron


Title: How To Paint Galvanised Steel and Iron

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Page Title: Paint Galvanised Steel With Ease

Meta Description: Galvanised metal is notoriously hard to paint, but it doesn’t have to be. Read all about it in our latest article.

The process of galvanizing iron and steel helped revolutionize the lifecycle of many products, but anyone who has tried to paint it knows that it isn’t easy. The look of galvanised steel is nice when new, however it quickly tarnishes, but when you want everything to match or add another layer of protection, painting is the way to go.

If you want to paint galvanised steel on automobiles, you can’t use your garden variety paint. Can galvanised steel be painted? Yes, but It requires something special. We’ll examine what galvanised steel is and the proper way to paint it.

What is Galvanised Steel?

Steel and iron have been used for centuries for countless applications, but they have one big downside, rust. Even the sturdiest steel and iron succumbs to the ravages time and ends up rusting. Rust is an eyesore and it compromises the structural integrity of the material.

Scientists discovered they could cover the outside of the metal with zinc in a process called galvanizing and drastically improve the resilience to rust. Galvanised metal lasted far longer, but the process also made it difficult for paint to stick. If it did stick, it wouldn’t be long before it began to peel.

What kind of paint do you use on galvanised steel? Buzzweld has a special product called Galvanised Chassis Paint Galv In One GIO that works amazing.

How to Paint Galvanised Steel?

If you look on the Internet, you’ll find many articles on how to paint galvanised paint. They’re long complicated articles that often have you sanding the protective coatings off before adding the paint.

You don’t need to do all that when you have Galvanised Chassis Paint Galv In One GIO at your disposal. You only need to apply FXdegreaser and Scotchbrite. Wash them down and let them dry completely before applying the paint.

Follow the instruction on the paint, and you end up with a rich smooth coating that looks great and helps protect the chassis.

Benefits of Galvanised Chassis Paint Galv In One GIO

We’ve discussed how you apply the paint to the chassis, but not why. Galvanised Chassis Paint Galv In One GIO was designed to paint galvanised steel. You don’t need t-wash or etch primer and it saves you money compared to other methods.

It postpones the galvanised finish sacrifice and provides an OEM finish. There are many application methods including brush, roller, spray, Schutz spray tins, or aerosol. It’s simple to apply and looks amazing.

The paint is also tintable to match your color preference. There is no reason why you shouldn’t order this paint that is ideal for painting galvanised products.

Don’t Be Discouraged with Galvanised Metal

It’s easy to get discouraged with painting galvanised metal, but with a product like Galvanised Chassis Paint Galv In One GIO it’s a snap.

If you want to learn more about painting galvanised metal or any other automotive painting questions, please contact us today.

Andrew Maccabe
17 July 2020  |  9:59

Just a question seeing as you have run out of gun cleaning thinners could i just use normal thinners.
As i have quite a few gallons of thinners could it be used with the RE and CIO .
Thanks Andy.

Nick Burt
10 January 2021  |  21:03

Hi, we've got some GIO left over from a previous job (a galv Landrover chassis). Is it suitable to use on a non galv chassis - obviously would be cleaned/wire brushed/degreased etc... etc... before application.
Many thanks,

Paul Midwood
08 March 2021  |  20:58

I am about to embark on a chassis change on my defender 90 and are going to purchase a new galv chassis but I want it to look an original colour (satin black) not a silver colour, can you recommend which of your products are best suited to give me a good looking tuff finish.
I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Kind regards Paul

Allen Rose-Land
17 April 2021  |  16:38

I have a new land rover series 2A galv chassis and bulkhead that's been sitting 18 months in a dry environment. I'm now ready to undertake a rebuild.
Whats the best way to paint it black.
Many thanks