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Raptor Paint Colours

For some time now Raptor Bedliner has been available. A tough two pack Polyurethane, with a nice finish and easy to apply.

Whilst initially a worthy competitor to Buzzweld it lacked the corrosion modification, stabilisation, and support of buzzweld products.

We recently adopted Raptor paint having seen a multitude of resellers simply box shift the product. We don't do that.

When we adopted raptor we did so for a totally different reason. That reason is to offer Raptor as a Solution. NOT as a fancy top coat, shifted on in a box for the minimum price, with no knowledge.

We found that people were often experiencing issues with raptor paint colours, having issues with opacity, getting the tint for a reasonable price, UV tolerance, and compatibility. If you throw in any old paint to Raptor, or even a tint, it can easily go wrong.

SO... as our first announcement, we have a fully approved and tested in-house, Raptor colouriung solution using Buzzweld Quora Colour pigmentation.

Welcome to Raptor-Shots.

In addition to the above a raptor solution is not complete without a tested basis to apply it to a range of substraits. We have seen many etch primers and never been a fan.

So we have tested the following products to work with u-pol raptor.

  1. Rust encapsulator-  for applying raptor bed liner to Rust, or in very difficult environments such as under vehicles to chassis
  2. GIO Galv In One- For applying u-pol raptor to New and old Galvanised steel
  3. Raptor epoxy primer- for using raptor paint with bodywork
  4. Raptor thinners-  for thinning raptor for use with other spraying methods

To summarise we can now supply Raptor Bedliner in almost any colour, in a kit suitable for almost anything you want to apply it to. Be that your nice shiny galvanised chassis, some polished treadplate you don't want to key, or a rusty chassis.

Raptor Paint Colours
Upol Raptor Bedliner

To add... we are also one of the cheapest suppliers of raptor, and this includes our support, which we hope cannot be beaten, because we use EVERYTHING we sell.

Upol Raptor Bedliner Guide