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Zinc Rich Primer Paint - Testing on Blasted steel, and rusty metal

Zinc Rich Primer Paint - Testing on Blasted steel, and rusty metal

As we have introduced our new primer "Molten Zinc", we thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate / test the product out for you, live infront of our premises for all to see. So lets explain what we have done to start testing our Zinc Rich primer.

How to Test Zinc Rich Primers

We wanted to be a bit different, so we took a piece of Box section steel that was already heavily corroded. We sweep blasted one side, and fully sand blasted the other side. This allowed us to test the product on two different surfaces at the same time.

Zinc Rich Primer testing on Rusty steelZinc Rich Primer testing on blasted steel


Zinc Rich Primee testing multiple paint layers

Once we had the steel prepared for the prepared steel, and the rusty steel we added another angle to our testing. We wanted to test the Paint film thickness / paint layers VS longevity. so we took our piece of steel and wrapped it in multiple layers of tape like so.

So you can see the dots in the picture. They are drilled central to each layer of paint. so each dot represents another layer of paint. We wrapped the whole piece of steel in tape, then we remove ONE LAYER to expose the metal. we spray that in with our Molten Zinc primer, and then remove the next layer. We then spray again.

We had 12 layers of tape, so this means the first coat of paint we applied will actually get re-coated 12 times by the time we finished the demo.



Zinc Rich Primer testing, and stripe coatingHere you can see how the paint thins around the edges, and the hole from the drill. This area is more exposed and vulnerable to corrosion than the flat faces. Ideally this would be Stripe coated, but for our tests we are encouraging product failure / rust so we don't strip coat the metal.






You can see the divide between the layers of paint. Also where we have hung the item to test.

Zinc Rich Primer testing on rusty and blasted steelZinc Rich primer testing external exposed locationZinc Rich Primer Testing


How does it look 23 days later?