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Car Insulation

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What is Car Insulation?

Car Insulation is a range of products that help limit the transfer of temperature. Heat Insulation for cars is often confused with Sound Deadening and Resonance Suppression Products. This is because sound and heat transfer products often come in similar formats such as Dynamat Sound deadening, may look very similar to Silent Coat Heat proofing materials. It can get even more confusing when you see that many products can do a little of both!

What type of Auto Insulation should i use?

Insulation comes in many forms. So you need to narrow down your choice several ways. the main ways are asking yourself these questions:-

Cost of Insulating your vehicle?

Budget is an important factor here. If you have a serious budget shortage you may be limited to using household materials like Foil backed bubble wrap and Celotex. Whilst these methods have Insulative properties, they are not suitable for vehicles for a range of reasons, such as the foil backed bubble wrap having limited effect, and often contributing to condensation. Celotex isn't flexible, so you can often loose ALOT of space when trying to save money here, and sealing the panels to the vehicle to prevent rust and condensation can be very expensive and complicated to do it properly. When pricing up your insulation for your project be sure to look at the total cost. Buying boards that need sealing with expensive tape, or matting systems that need two or more products, plus preparation materials it all starts to add up. so get a list of what you need, and use this as one of your points on how you will choose.


How Is the car Insulation Applied?

You can now insulate your car via many different means. Insulating Aerosols, sticky mats, Insulating paint that you spray on, even Rustproofing Insulating paint for Underneath so you can insulate a vehicle without having to take it apart first! We strongly recommend that you look for a product that is "self adhesive"; this can be a paint, or a sticky pad / matting system. The reason for this is because its one less thing to worry about, you don't have to check your glue is the right one, and you know that once you have followed the instructions it will just work.


How much space does car insulation take up?

Vehicles are usually insulated because they are to be used for certain tasks. Almost always this is for people to use the vehicle, and as such space is usually at a premium. Saving money on Cheaper household type insulation can cost you dearly in space if done properly. Spray on insulation is the most effective at saving space as it is contoured to the vehicle. Whilst usually more expensive than traditional insulation such as foam boards, it usually contains ceramic and other compounds to increase its effectiveness at a given thickness. For example Lizardskin Insulation at only 1MM thick can provide a temperature difference as much as 30 degree Fahrenheit.


How do i cover up the insulation once completed?

Depending on the intended purpose you may be ply lining over the insulation to protect it, fitting out the vehicle as a camper, or need something that can be washed out, and you want it to remain heavy duty. If you are covering up the insulation then all types can be used. If its going to be walked on then you will need to add a layer of plywood over say Celotex to protect it, as well as batons. This will reduce the overall effectiveness slightly and add thickness. some matting systems include a hard wearing layer and can be used by themselves, however because they are matting systems they will have joins, and the potential for moisture to reach underneath is relatively high. For a van floor spray on car insulation is one of the best bets. Products like Lizardskin can be applied over a rustproofing primer, and then be top coated. The entire floor is insulated with no joins, and it can have a hard wearing coating applied like Upol Raptor Bedliner. so you can insulate the floor, and have it hard wearing, in any colour, and it can still be washed out if required.


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