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Chassis Paint

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Chassis Paint

Do you love the look of a freshly painted chassis? I know I do. It just looks so clean and new! Unfortunately, painting your chassis can be a real pain in the butt. But don't worry, I'm here to help. In this post, I'm going to teach you how to paint your chassis like a pro. So let's get started!

Chassis Paint

There are three ways to apply paint on the chassis. You can use an aerosol, brush roller or spray it. These methods vary distincly, and we can help you choose the best way to paint your chassis. 

Painting your chassis

Its important to pick the correct method. The three main methods can be split down into further methods.

Aerosol Chassis Paint

There are a few considerations that need to be taken into account when using the aerosol chassis Paint. First, if you want a thick coat across your entire chassis then it's best not use this type of paint because its propensity for being thin will leave some spots less covered depending on where they fell. We refer to this as your DFT- which stands for Dry Film Thickness.--a little goes along way but you can still struggle to cover everything completely! We recommend if you intend to aerosol your chassis you go for a Zinc Rich primer as your main protectionm. The reason for this is because a zinc rich primer has the hiughest performacenat a LOW DFT. this suits aerosols very well, and an aerosol chassis paint kit that is zinc rich and applied well can protect your chassis for years to come.

You can also use a brush / roller primer, and once cured, use an aerosol to "black it off". this leaves you with a nice black finish, but a decent proitection from the brush coat which will be thicker.

Brush / Roller Chassis paint

The brush / roller chassis paint is a great way to protect and paint your chassis, but you'll want an anti-corrosive product for the best results. we have a huge selection of chassis paints available catering for all colours, finishes and requirements.
It's important that we use non porous coatings, and apply the paint suyfficiently to fully seal the surface. You want a decent brush or roller for a good finish, but you can work the first coat in and then lay off with a good roller for a nice even finish like this using 2K epoxy chassis paint.

Brush Roller Chassis paint


Spray Chassis Paint

For those who love spraying, but hate what happens when it doesn't work out like you planned- here are some tips for overspray prevention. First off all make sure that your workspace is clean and organized with no object or person in its path before beginning any project. we sell dust sheets and masking amterails to assist with this. There a few different spray methods. You have Airless spraying which isnt used for chassis much, but also thinning and sparying. This is usually used in a HVLP gun. we recommend a tip size of 1.8>2.5mm for this. this means the hole in the gun is big enough where you get lots of paint out, instead of lots of thinner. This provides more paint to get the job done to a high standard, saves you money on thinner, and time not having to apply lots of extra coats. Anotehr really popular option is a "schutz gun". our favourite gun is the FX11 as it can be broken down for cleaning,g etting more parts, you can vary how it sprays, and the spraying angles. Theres a guide on using the FX11 spragun.

Best Chassis Paint

Our favourite chassis primer is RE rust encapsulator, as in almsot any scenario be that rusty, fresh metal, or existing paint RE works really well and is easy to use. Our favourite chassis coating for colour / protection is WAR. We love this paint because its easy to apply, protects well, and is hydrophobic. This means the water beads off of it and it stays nice and clean. You can also have it in any colour. use the website search bar to find the products RE & WAR.

Marvin Williams
18 April 2023  |  2:49

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