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Cold Galvanizing: Why Zinc Gets the Gold Medal in Steel Protection


Cold Galvanizing: Why Zinc Gets the Gold Medal in Steel Protection



Zinc rich paint, also known as cold galvanizing, is a tried and true method in protecting your steel from the inevitable scourge of rust and corrosion. Whether using it for your vehicle, home, or other DIY project, cold galvanizing can be one of the best ways to keep your steel in solid shape. According to the UK Galvanizer’s Association, “No other material can provide such efficient and cost-effective protection for steel.”


The name really says everything. Zinc rich paint consists of small zinc dust particles suspended in either organic or inorganic paint in concentrations of around 90 percent zinc by dry film weight. When applied properly on clean, prepared steel, the zinc will form both a physical and electrochemical barrier between the metal and outside moisture and air. Additionally, zinc rich paint looks good as a top cover or can be used as a primer if you decide to add additional paint coats.


Whether doing a full coat of protection or simply spot repairs and touch ups, using zinc rich paint is a reliable method for keeping your steel in working order. Cold galvanizing has a few added benefits beyond corrosion resistance, too. High quality inorganic zinc rich paints can withstand high temperatures of up to 375 C, rarely chalk or peel, and are highly resistant to solvents. This makes them a stellar choice for automotive use.


Buzzweld’s molten zinc cold galvanizer is easy to apply and versatile to use. It can be applied via spray, brush, or roller, and while it looks great as a top coat, it can also be used in conjunction with a top layer such as our galvanized chassis paint. Our molten zinc is a great alternative to our Rust Encapsulator for anyone looking at different options for protecting their steel.

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